question on vans?


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does anyone have any ideas on which is the best power/drivetrain combo to get,or to stay away from in 1998 to 2001 mini-vans.
looking for a V6-auto/air/etc.
i know the 3.8 V6 is bad for head gaskets,does this problem go up to the 2001's?
also my wife had a 1997 taurus with a AN4N trans axle and it only lasted to 100,000km/60,000 miles. are these transaxles a problem.
i am not up on the good/bad points of these vans as i have never owned one.i have been running 4x4 trucks for years.
any help or ideas would be helpfull.
thanks Tux.


Western CT
My girlfriend's parents have a 97? Windstar and have had little problems with it. This vehicle is excellent around town or on long trips. To me it would be this or a Caravan as my options. I will admit I have never really looked at the imports though. There might be a good import van from Toyota or Nissan, etc. Good Luck!