question on vans?


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does anyone have any idea on which power/drivetrain is the best combo to get into or stay away from in a 1998 to 2001 mini-van?
looking for a V6/auto/air/etc.
i have never owned a mini-van so i am not up on the good/bad points.
the van is for a sister-inlaw who wrecked her last pick-up and is now looking at getting into a mini-van.
any help would sure help.
thanks Tux.
Get a chrysler.I know there are nicer ones out there,but for initial cost,ease of service and repairs,and cost of ownership,you can't beat the caravan's or if you want luxury,go with the town and country.


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hey wyldman your all over the place!!!!!
second good piece of advice from you,but i'm one step ahead of you on this one.
she picked up a 2001 caravan SE today. 3.3L.
a dealership in this area is closeing up and they are selling the vans for $23,135 freight included
on the road cost=$26.335.
Pretty good deal on the van,you'll be happy.

Yeah I am all over the place.I prefer talking cars and trucks,but not much stuff on this board.Plowing is my other business,but we have been kinda slow the last few days,and I haven't been on in a while so i'm playing catch up and fighting boredom.Whatever I can do to help I guess.


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i know what you mean.
i have plowed for a lot of years but just doing a few driveways nothing big.
it pays the gas.
we have had a lot of small snow falls this year so it is easy plowing.
in the area i live it is all long driveways around 300ft. and i only had to use my chains once this year. that was the biggest snowfall we had about 40cm.
the chains really help when the banks get to high on a long push.
anyway i'm killing time as well my better half is in Toronto for a meeting.