Question on Torwell sanders

Mike Nelson

Senior Member
Naperville IL
I have A Torwell hydraulic 4 yard sander.It runs off central hydraulics on the truck.
The problem is sometimes the chain gets stuck,like it doesn't have enough torque to get moving.Then when it does,even turned all the way down the chain still moves fast(compared to other sanders in our fleet).On high it moves faster than a tread mill.
My thinking is that maybe they put a spinner motor on the conveyer by accident.I feel that I need a higher torque and less RPM motor.
This has been to the shop several times and never seems to be a problem when it is there.It doesn't do it all the time only when I need it:D
My Downeaster is a #1 no complaints and thought about buying their conveyor motor and installing it.

Well hope for some feed back nad thank you.

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