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I was wondering if someone might know what to look at here. I have a 1980 SWB 4x4 with a tired 350 dropped in (when the original inline6 died, no $ for a rebuild or a new motor). It has disc brakes up front. I am running 31x10.5 tires (I think this is right).

The problem I have is that when moving slowly and I lightly press the brake pedal, the wheels (at least the front) lock up. Fluid looks OK, so what is causing this 'over-braking'?
Could be a number of things, actually. Have the pads worn down so far that the rivets are grinding on the discs? If not, I would bet that your calipers are seizing -- they need to be either rebuilt or replaced with reman units.

There's a slim chance that either the proportioning valve and/or master cylinder are faulty. If the m/c is gone, it should trigger the brake light in the dash as that warning light is also hooked to a pressure switch, so any abnormal pressure differential in the m/c will turn the light on.


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