Question?Input on plowing straight resendential driveways


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Southern NJ
Hey Guys,

Had a question was hoping you could answer. I am offering residential clearing which I am relatively new at. We have many driveways in this area that are between 30 and 50ft. straight runs from garage to road. If it is illegal to push snow into the streets, how would you get around this. One person asked me for a quote yesterday that has a stone border on both sides, thus being pretty much impossible to go anywhere other than the road with the snow. Any input would be appreciated.
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hey i ran into the same problem this year your best bet is to pass it up or find someone with a snow blower. mine had a ditch at the end of the driveway and it was a pain in the butt to get the snow from the whole year in the ditch


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You should be able to do a 30-50 ft drive with a single stage blower in under 10 min.. Right to the garage & any walks. Stone poses no problem & it clears right to the concrete.

Look at the Toro 3650's or Snow Commander's.


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Its illegal to plow snow into the street here to. However, that means plowing it into the street and leaving the piles inthe middle of the road.

No one I know in law enforcement has any problem with you plowing a driveway into the street and cleaning it back to the grass strip along the curb, or banking it up on the lawn next to the driveway.

Its the morons that plow a 50 - 75 foot driveway completely out into the street and take off leaving snow banks in the traffic lanes that the cops go after.

Just be smart and respectful of the laws in your areas.