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Tim Baden

A friend of mine is looking to start up a power washing/snow plowing business.He is going to plow residential only.He is looking at getting a new chevy 1500 shortbox 4x4 with a V8(thats the only way gm will sell truck with plow prep).He is looking at a western poly plow.A few people I talked to said he should be fine if doing residential is all he is goig to do.What do you guys think?

karl klein

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if he is looking at hauling any thing in his truck i would recommend a 2500 which i am sure they sell with the plow prep. i would not get a poly becuase of the weight and price it is only helpful in throwing the snow which you will not be doing in residential drives, plus the chance of hidden objects under a foot of snow is pretty hi

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Glastonbury, CT
the 1500 will handle residential plowing just fine. i used to plow with a 2000 chevy 1500 and it was one powerful truck. the motor has a lot of power and it had a 7 1/2 ft fisher on it. the only problem you will encounter is the front end sags quite a bit. you should put timbren loadbusters or monroe lse's on the front. easy install and prevents the sagging. if you are going to be towing heavy loads, maybe consider the 2500.

Alan Addict
It's all fine to keep pushing the 2500 trucks there fellas, but he wants a shortbed. You can't get that in the 2500 model. And a shortbed 1500 makes a killer residential truck.

Rob Veteran
I know Tim stated he was looking at a Chevy and they don't make a 2500 short bed, but Ford makes a 250 4X4 Short Bed :)

(gotta be devils advocate !!)

IMO, the 1500 is probably plenty for residential, depending on where you live and how much snow you get. The short box makes it that much easier to handle. Personally, I prefer that little bit extra you get out of the 2500 / 250 though.

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Ford only makes a short box/extended cab in 3/4 ton, which is still about 6 inches longer than a regular bed, regular cab.

You cant get a short box regular cab in 3/4.


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As far as I know you can't get a Super Duty with a frame any shorter than that on the 8' box version. You can get the short box with the larger cabs but the frame length is the same or longer.