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Shane Nelson

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Dallas PA
Can someone please tell me,on my western plow w/steel edge
there is a very very small gap between the end of my edge and the pavement when plow is allows daylight to come thinking this is not allowing me to clean my drives as good as it could be done.Is there a way to bring this flush or maybe I need new edge?Can someone please help me out w/this?THANKS
The rounded corners of the edge's bottom come as the plow edge wears in from new. Anytime the plow changes plane on a surface, the edges carry the weight of the blade -- they wear faster as a result.

Unless it bothers you, there is no need to change edges until the cutting edge wears to the point that the bottom edge (always at the corner) is almost flush with the structural mouldboard. Wear it longer, and you are wearing away the plow itself.

Hope this helps.

Chuck Smith

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Yes, it is very common. Especially from running along curblines, where the pavement is typically a little higher than the rest of the paved surface.

Some guys refer to it as the cutting edge "smiling".


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