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hey,i saw your pic of that beautiful chevy truck and new fisher plow. my question is what size plow is that, 7 1/2' or 8'? if its 7 1/2' , is it the light duty or regular duty? i am just curious cause u say it doesnt sag at all, which i think is great. i havent seen any new HD chevy trucks yet with the plow on and raised to see how it holds up or sags, that is why i asked. absolutely beautiful truck and plow setup, actually too nice to use for work, haha.

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heres a pic of it raised. im not on total level ground, put it doesnt sag too bad. got to test it out this morning. had 2 inches of slush.
i may put a few 50 lb bags of sand in the back for some ballast to level it totally out.

plow raised.jpg


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Nope you gotta sell that truck and get a ford, that is the only truck that can handle the weight of a plow.
Just kidding, once again it just prooves that people theroies about whether or not a truck can handle a plow are worthless unless they actually test that theory.
I think the truck is handleing a 800# plus plow just fine. Add a little ballast and the truck would be level. I think that pic once and forall puts the debate to rest about a GM ifs suspension carrying the plow weight when the plow installation is done right.

Camaro SS Mike

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MDB LANDSCAPING, yea it looks fine with the plow raised. i was just curious how the HD chevys handled a heavy plow. in no way in this post was i trying to talk down chevy trucks. my brother owns a 1992 chevy 1500 he bought new with a 7 1/2' western uni mount pro plow on it and we love it. never gave us a problem and me and him are chevy people all the way! my brother wouldnt trade his chevy for any other truck on the road, thats how much he loves it and how good it has been to us. i love the new ford trucks and their looks, but being that i am in the auto repair business, in my oppinion,i think chevy makes better vehicles and better trucks. this is just my oppinion and not meant to start a war between ford and gm. i like them both!! again beautiful truck MDB, keep the pics coming if you have more!! Mike
P.S. almost forgot to ask, is that a gas motor or diesel? if its a gas , is it the mighty 8.1L ? and do you have the allison tranny?
thanks for the replies!!!
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handling the weight dino? this ford seems to handle it fine with an 8'minute mount on the front. i noticed no difference between when the plow was up or down, and this is the TTB suspension.



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You are correct, that is the new (M series)blade/Aframe. The extra ribs in the blade, and the taller attachment point on the front of the Aframe is how I can tell. The blades are supposed to be as strong(stronger?) than the L series, and almost 100lbs lighter(heresay). Can you attach them to the old (MMI) style headgear?



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I have heard all attachment points are the same. Complete Plow to Truck sub frame as well as plow to headgear. I had also heard and seen a pic somewhere that the new headgear was more tubular like Diamond/Meyer but still had the "Fisher look to it"

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