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Question for Canadian contractors hiring subs in Southern Ont (GTA)I

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by Snowfarmths, Sep 18, 2016.

  1. Snowfarmths

    Snowfarmths Junior Member
    from Ontario
    Messages: 11

    Please bare with me because this is a rather lengthy discussion . I have been plowing snow for the last five years as a subcontractor . I have been working for the same company for that length time and have been treated really fair and have had no issues. I farm full time but have the equipment to do the proper job we are hired for . I like being a sub and have no desire to ever get into this on my own. I have my own insurance and also get named under their policy also. We run a 6430 with a 10/16 and also a 6120R with a loader / kage set up. The ladder is used mainly on the farm or for back up if something breaks. I ordered this April a 8/14 live edge to replace the 10/16. Well in June we traded in a JD 326d skid loader that was five years old with 450 hours ( never got used) and purchased a 244k . We put 150 hours on in just three month much better for our operation . I changed the order to mount the live edge to fit this machine . All is good . So this is the crux of the story I thought maybe I would put two plows out for service this year since I have them. The company I work for may have only work for one so I have started looking for other work for the other machine. My insurance company that covers all my insurance dropped snow plowing last year off my policy . We got it added back on but at a low limit of snow plow receipts . This year they agreed to do it again. Since I want to do more my broker has had to go to a secondary market for a quote . A lot of money!!! Like I said before my company has treated really fairly how much they paid me for my sub work.When I gave my prices out to others they thought I was high for sub work. I understand everybody needs to make money and the headaches I'm glad somebody else has them and should get paid for that. My question is ( and JD Dave talked to me when I first started and gave me some good advise) to you guys hiring subs . I also know the area makes a difference too .
    1) am I out to lunch trying to get 125/135 hour for a loader set up like I described?
    2) the quote I got for insurance is like 100 dollars for ever 1000 dollars in receipts is this right?I have to take up to 60000$ even if I don't do that much.
    This is Canadian dollar prices.
    We give great service , like I said we have a two back up plows (forgot the plow truck) and a mechanic that comes out if we break down . Good operators with lots of experience running equipment . That is all worth something I believe.
    Last edited: Sep 18, 2016