Question about newer superduties


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I think its very similar to the chevy/gmc "Z71" package. Which, to me is just a way for them to grab another thousand or so from your pocket. GM did use better factory shocks, i think different torsion bars, and maybe a different rear leaf spring pack, nothing substantial. A dealer should be able to break it down to you in full.


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Originally posted by sno-mover
On the newer SD's what does "FX4" stand for? is it some kind of suspension up grade?

Grab an 03 Superduty book from your dealer. That will tell you just as much as the sales guys know. And I think it is the Rancho shocks, but not sure.


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Transfer case and Fuel tank skid plates. Rancho shocks and of course the nifty little sticker on the side of the truck. Code 55F and $225.00 retail cost on this option.

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