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    Question about a 1995 Chevy 1500 4X4 W/ 4L60E trans:help:

    I am told that this truck has a one year trany, that the only trany that will fit is out of a 1995 Chevy/GMC Only, what makes this fit only a 95? can transfer case be changed in order to swap w/ different years?

    Does any one have a goood used 4L60E trany for sale that will fit my truck?

    I have this truck for sale, but I would really like to fix & keep it, if it does'nt cost me an arm & a legpayup

    Thank any & all help, Yon
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    Cameo, did you ever think about a Jasper tranny. They just went to a 100,000 mile warranty.
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    The '95's are not externally different as far as physically fitting your truck except for the location and size of the casting hole in the side for the vehicle speed sensor changed in '96-up...but even that doesn't apply in a 4X4 since the VSS is located in the output shaft of the T-case, not in the trans itself in a 4X4.

    The actual difference is in the internal shifting solenoids/EPC solenoid and all the related wiring that operates them. It is possible to install the '95's electrical components/wiring into a different year trans (or vise versa) but some guys have then experienced shifting problems after doing the swap. GM has been up dating the 4L60E's since it's first conception and the '95 are a one year deal as far as the wiring.

    It is possible that even though your truck is designated as being a '95 model year truck it may have a late-'94 or early '96 trans in it and none of this would even apply. The only way to know for sure is to check the serial # on the trans and the build date itself to be sure. Most any GM parts guy can distinguish the date break and the serial # in order to see exactly which date break your trans is. '93-'94 would swap right in as well as a '96-'98. But a true '95 is a beast all it's own.

    So basically your options are to either find a '95 (if yours actual has a '95 trans) or swap your '95 electrical components into a different year replacement trans.