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Whats the best and fastest way to put a regular mount plow on. We usually have the plows on wood pallets and drive the truck up. Then we put the chain on and the hoses and raise it up, move it in postion, put pins in and there u go. But it always doesnt go this quickly.


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I just put the lift chain on the lift hook. Raise the plow, and jocky the plow into place. Never have had a problem. Just make sure your plow pins are in the unlocked setting.

That is what we do with our Diamond Pull A ways



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Same thing I do - I think there will always be a bit of a trade-off in ease of installation/removal compared to a "Minute Mount" or similar, but I don't find it to be overly much of a hassle.

Having someone to help guide you into place so you're lined up straight to the plow can help a bit, and also - depending on what style pins your plow uses - a tapered pin or prybar to use as a line-up tool so you don't have to get the holes lined up exactly: as long as they're close enough to start the end of the pin/bar, you can use that to pull the plow into place. Same idea as hanging structural steel using a spud wrench to locate the beam before putting any bolts in.


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I have one truck so I'm sure my answer will different than someone that has a bunch of trucks to take care of. I had a Western plow on an F250 which I used a set of snow plow dollies on. Basically small metal brackets with a groove (for edge)and some heavy duty casters and a third with an adjustable height bar taht goes under the rear part of the A frame. Put this in place, drop the moldboard on it, pull the pins and roll the plow in the garage. The dollies make it easy to move and keep it at the same height as the truck so I don't have to worry about trying to line-up the pins. Recently upgraded the truck to a 2000 F250 and switched to a Curtis. The Curtis has a hydraulic foot that holds the rear of the A frame at the truck height, so just drop the foot, unplug the plow, pull the pins and back away. I still drop it onto the dollies and roll it in the garage to prevent anyone from 'borrowing' it. But having the plow held at the right height with the convenience of the wheels lets me make the small adjustments to line up the plow by hand rather than jockeying the truck into position.

I'm sure that I'm in the minority doing it like this, but it works for me.


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I have gotten better at putting my Diamond on and off staying on most of the time.I used to use a floor jack to help put it on but found that the lift hook on the plow itself works better and makes it faster.

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