Put shoes on ??????


I'am a true begginer and I thought "casters"shoes were for dirt and gravel only, to raise edge above soft ground! let me know.


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Shoes are only good for raising the cutting edge high enough to miss obstructions (ie: manhole covers, storm sewer drains, etc.) that would normally cause damage to a non tripping plow.

I still want to know how Pusher thinks plow shoes helps a Meyer from tripping in heavy snow? After all he is an EXPERT!!


the company I first plowed for took a 9'2" boss vplow out in the first storm of the year in 1999, sheared all three shoes off, bought new ones, next storm, same result, now they run 3 boss v plows, none with shoes. I run my hiniker v plow with the shoes all the way up on any hard surface including frozen gravel drives, and only use shoes for loose gravel on my drive. I either don't take gravel drives, or give them to a sub to do. I have about 1 inch of cutting edge wear in 50-60 hours of billable plow time, not including work for family, and personal friends. I consider this exceptional for the work I do. But I am just a 3 year operator, I have a small fraction of the experience represented by this board.

P.S. I am required to not use shoes on my industrials, they require black pavement on loading dock, and request a minimum of salt application due to tracking into wharehouses by fork trucks.

oh yea, i have twice the vibration, and jerking, jolting, pounding when using shoes as with out. P.s. if your plow trips forward in deep snow you either need a taller plow, or you need to plow faster to roll the snow better. Remember, they are snowplows, not pushers, they are made to roll snow, and trip when they hit an obstruction.

But I could be wrong, after all whats in a name like "snowplow"

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Yes that thread did get yanked, seems the administrator felt the member that started the thread may have been the same person booted a few weeks ago. We all met in a chat room, and agreed with his course of action.
As for shoes, we also dont run them, and we use urethane edges, that helps reduce alot of the vibration. You may want to look into them, as an alternative to steel edges.
There are a few companies that sell them.

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A good thread started by a bad person is still a good thread. I think that it would have served a better purpose to delete the posters name and rewrite the body of the original post and leave the thread going. My 2 cents for what it is worth. Maybee it is archived somewhere??????

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