Put a deposit on a new plow today


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Getting another Sno-Way, 9'1" Vee. I went with an old model 'leftover" so it can interchange with the one we already have. Now all I've got to do is build the bumper/plow mount on the truck that will be carrying it. Oh yeah, one other,minor, detail,, scrape the $$$ together to pay the rest of the bill. This one will be riding on the K3500 SRW that I picked up in Jersey this spring.

Chuck Smith

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I'm guessing you need rain as bad as we do.... Two days ago they changed watering restrictions here from "odd & even" (odd numbered houses can water on odd number days, and vice versa) to NO lawn watering at all. Only shrub odd & even wateringis allowed now, and NO watering at all on weekends.

We have been fortunate. Our crews work at least 8 hour days (compared to 12 hour typical days). Other landscape companies are laying guys off, sending them home at noon every day, one even sent his whole crew back to Mexico for 2 weeks.



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Rain? Explain that concept. please.

Yes, Chuck, we need rain badly. The rain gods moved somewhere else about the first of July. We had been lucky through May and June, after a dry April, and had made up a couple inches of the rainfall defecit from last year, but it hs been dry since. Fell back behind normal in July and until today we had only about .2" this month. It started raining early this afternoon and has kept it up for the past 3 hours. A nice soaking rain which (unfortunately) is supposed to stop this evening.

It was into the 90s last week for several days, with no clouds and no breeze, absolutely miserable conditions for this area. The mowing equipment sat on the trailer all week. It's normal to skip a mowing in August, but some I'm skipping two wseeks running as there is no growth and I hate to shock what is still green into dormancy by lopping it's head off.

I was hoping to spend the time away from mowing working on the trucks, but it was too oppressively hot to tackle that.