Pushing across a street

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by columbiaplower, Jan 18, 2001.

  1. columbiaplower

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    i was told by a resident that i was not suppose to push across a street when plwing driveways. ive heard about this before but never had any problems. what about all of you? if u cant do this than that would make alot more work.
  2. cat320

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    Well if they catch you in mas you get a fine it's a big no no here.And it will cost you if the cop doesn't like you.
  3. John DiMartino

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    Cant do that anywhere legally,I wont do it,keep the snow on your side of the road.If there were an accident caused by the snow being in the road,or because you pushed the salt /sand off the road,you are liable and will be held accountable for it.Hope you have that 1 mill coverage.Dont take this personally,but pushing snow across the road is a sign of an amatuer,profesionals do not do it,at least its that way here.
  4. cat320

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    I never had to push across the road in any of my drives or lots a good plower can do it with out pushing across.
  5. Leroy

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    A few years back some of the local governments were making noise about pushing across roadways. I don't know if there are any ordinances against it but we don't do it, you're asking for trouble sooner or later.
  6. nsmilligan

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    It's illegal here. The DOT guys will sometimes report you, or if the police see you they'll ticket you. Cause an accident and you're in deep caw-caw!

  7. 4 Saisons

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    same thing here. once in a storm at one customer, they are two wall each side of the driveway and a little place for the snow, so i try to put some between the street and the sidewalk. In the afternoon the guys with the bombardier had to back up twice to clean the sidewalk....2 days later he had a notice in the letter box explaining the next time is a fine...Don't need to tell you that I received a phone call fews minutes latter.

    All snow must remain on property regardless residential, commercial or industrial. Even if the lot of the others side of the street is vacancy (execpt if you are allowed by the owner(and have it on paper)). Prohibited on all ciy ground.
  8. John Allin

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    Due to the regionality of the snow industry, and the fact that standards change from region to region, I would respectfully submit that making specific references to what is considered "professional" and being an "amatuer" might be construed as being narrow minded. In some markets that get boo koo snow, going across the street with snow is not the "no-no" you might think it to be.

    Now... I've never heard that actually LEAVING snow in the street is allowed anywhere, but I do know that in some selected markets taking it across the street is not considered unprofessional, but necessary (and in some cases, encouraged) in order to survive some storms and their aftermath.

    Some might be offended by such a broad statement. Keep in mind that what is banned in one region may be accepted in others.

    Just a thought from a plower that considers himself a professional, and in a market that gets several 24"+ snowfalls a season (and at least one 36-42" snowfall every other year) and where not taking snow across the street can mean that a resident can be snowbound for a couple weeks.....

    It's not illegal here to take it across the street, but it is illegal to leave it in the street.

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    With the Boss v, it is a great thing to be able to carry snow and deposit it where ever it makes most sense. Sometimes that means across the street. On my private roads, almost all of the driveways snow goes across. It makes the most sense, and is safer because it reduces the visibility problem of huge piles on each side of the drive, right at the road. Now in towns, you gotta abide by local law. But I don't see it as a "pro/amatuer" issue.
  10. John DiMartino

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    John,like i said,i didnt mean to offend anyone,but here you are not allowed to push snow across the street for any reason.It is illegal,you of all people should know that,due to you removing salt/or sand from the road.I know for a fact this is the case here,now on unplowed backroads or in come cases yes you are right,but like I said,here it isnt necessary,and 99% of those doing it are not commercial plowers,they are personal use/and helping neighbors out.Maybe laws in the snow belt are different or relaxed more,but here they are strictly enforced,traffic is so bad here,anything that slows it down or could cause an accident gets you a nice fine.
  11. TLS

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    I have a few accounts that have open fields across the street. In those cases, YES the snow does get pushed across. I always leave the street cleaner than it was anyway, so why would it matter? I have seen some scrubs push into the street and leave a pile as they raise and go from the driveway!!! Thats a NO-NO for sure. If its someone elses property across the street, or its a highly travelled street, I totally avoid it. As for driveways, 95% of mine are side loading garages anyway (by choice) so I just push straight in.
  12. Eric ELM

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    It's a no no here. I've seen the cops sit and watch me to make sure I didn't push any across the street.
  13. BRL

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    "Cant do that anywhere legally"
    There isn't a federal law regarding this, so each state or locality makes their own laws. So it is certainly possible that many areas or towns do not have such a law, & many others may not be as strict about enforcing that law if they have one. For the record, I have no idea if there is such a law in my town or state. I used to do it in rare cases, but since reading the last thread on this before this season, I don't do it anymore, & I've had to work at getting subs working for me to not do it. I hope this now makes me a professional ;)
  14. cat320

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    Well what about homowners that snowblower there driveway into the street.They should get a fine >you wanna hear something funny my local fire dept. was shoveling the snow into the street on the side where they park there personal cars isn't that funny.
  15. Matt

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    Again there are some things acceptable in certain parts of the country that aren't elsewhere. In areas that get large amounts of snow this is pretty widly practiced, now weather or not it is legal I have never investigated. I do know that I have done it and been observed by all police agencies in our area with nothing said and nothing received in the mail. In 99% of the cases the road is cleaner when we get done than when we started. The contractors that leave a obstacle course in the road are the ones that give all of us a bad image. The one that I see here doing it the most and leaving the road a mess is one of the largest in the area, he must think his size gives him the right. I think we all need to set a positive example of the snowplowing industry around the country and that is what the members of SIMA are striving to acheive.
  16. Yardworks

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    I do it in some cases and as long as no one complains I'm going to keep doing it. I have heard that our local ordinances state that snow must stay on the property where it fell. But in the country and certain spots in town it saves a lot of time.
  17. Mike Nelson

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    We don't have to do alot of "across the street jobs" anymore,but when I personally had to I made sure that the road was cleaned and salted when I was through.
    Just trying to keep everybody smiling!
  18. thelawnguy

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    Its illegal in most towns around here, one because the slobs dont clean up after themselves and when it refreezes its a hazard second theres lots of sidewalks 2 ft from the curb and I know I wouldnt want the guy across the street burying my sidewalk under 4 feet of packed snow.
  19. John Allin

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    When I stated "can't to it anywhere legally" - I was referring to leaving snow in the street. That's an obstacle and I cannot imagine any municipality thinking that leaving snow in the street is good, or legal. Try putting your garbage cans in the middle of the road and an accident taking place because of it....

    No... my take on it all was that in some markets taking snow across the street is fine and legal... but leaving in the street to freeze and/or cause accidents cannot possibly be legal (or professional).

    Guess I'm going to have to consult a lawyer before posting such things again....
  20. SLC1

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    You can't do it in our town. It is a $35.00 fine if you are caught pushing across the road and the cops do give out tickets.