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This is the firt time I've ever posted here. Although I've read the forum many times I never registered untill recently. It was very helpful and I would like to say thanks it has helped my business significantly.

I was just at http://www.ledexindustries.com looking at the avalanche snow pushers. They show pushers for dump trucks...even pickup trucks. I was wondering if anyone has used a pusher on a truck, I was thinking of maybe an F700 or similar truck with a pusher instead of a plow. Obviously it will never stack as high as a loader. I was just wondering if anyone has used one I've only seen pushers on equipment similar to loaders and skidsteers.

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It is my understanding that Lexex has sold less than 1/2 dozen truck mount pushers. And, nobody has said (on Lawnsite) that they have ever actually seen one in operation.

Lots of reasons not to do this. If you do a search here, you'll find that there has been some discussion about this very subject.

Biggest problem is the transferance of stress to the frame of the truck in any type of impact. No failure points to save the truck frame......

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few post ago, i talked about the hydraulics prowing we use in my area. they are very similar to the avalanche except the hydraulics and the edge of the wings is floating and downpressure by 2 spring each.

it's 15K$ canadian money for a 8' Fisher plow, Clutch pump, hydraulics and wing, and instalation. a regular 8' fisher is 6K$ with the power pack and instalation.

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