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Pusher production

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by PINEISLAND1, Sep 8, 2002.


    PINEISLAND1 PlowSite.com Veteran
    Messages: 664

    I have seen and searched through many posts on production rates for the pushers, but I would like to pick your brains again. It seems that most figure at least three times the production of a truck, which I average at about 1 acre per hour .

    Do you agree then that a 12 or 14 foot pusher will do 3 acres an hour as an average?

    The situation I have is 4 lots, 1-1-2.5 and 4.5 acres. All have lots of green space around for snow, no major obstacles, and no curbs. All on one site. Total about 9.2 acres.

    Any opinions on acres/hr, or total time involved ? How much of a difference between a loader and a backhoe ? Between a 12 and a 14 ?

    Any insight is appreciated.
  2. SnoJob67

    SnoJob67 Senior Member
    Messages: 384

    It there nobody willing to say, (Insert your data here) " We service a property that is XX acres and we use 2-16' loader pushers and 2-12' skid steer pushers and it takes us about X hours to complete the job in a 4-6" snowfall?"

    I can tell you how long my accounts take to service with trucks, although I have never serviced many of them myself because we subcontract out much of our work. Are people really THAT out of touch with their business or are they just apathetic and unwilling to help someone who is trying to better their operation? I am sorry I am unable to help you because I need the same information and it is like pulling teeth to get any solid numbers that you can really sink your teeth into!

    Obviously each pusher size will have different production rates, but having a general idea of acres per hour (even if the numbers were for one specific pusher size) would be helpful for planning and making a feeble attempt at matching the proper pusher and equipment to each job.

    In the mean time, we are left to my best educated guess (Scary thought!). I would guess a 10' backhoe model will produce about 1.5-1.75 acres per hour in a 4-6" snow. A 14' loader model might produce about 2.5-3 acres per hour and a 20' model around 4-4.5 acres per hour. Don't use those numbers as gospel, though, because they are not from real world experience!

    PINEISLAND1 PlowSite.com Veteran
    Messages: 664

    Thanks for the numbers. I have talked to a couple others locally, and it seems I am safe in assuming a couple acres an hour as an average, and most likely on an open easy lot we will see much better than that.

    I have it figured close enough for a bid, and anything better will just mean better margins. Its been about 5 years since I used a loader for snow personally, and that was as an employee not an owner, but I do remember how the production varied from driver to driver. I'm sure that is why its hard for some to nail down any averages.