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Pusher box numbering system, company lettering, and theft deterrence questions

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by joester, Dec 27, 2011.

  1. joester

    joester Junior Member
    Messages: 24

    I'm looking for advice from those of you that own multiple pusher boxes. We currently own 10 pushers ranging from 8' to 18', some are steel trip edges and some are rubber. I would like to develop a numbering system to help keep track of them and keep things organized. The numbering system would obviously have to include the width, edge type, and machine type as a minimum. Here is a sample of what I have in mind for a 12' backhoe model rubber edge.

    B - 12R - 4 (This would relate to Backhoe - 12' wide Rubber Edge - 4th one we own)

    I would use S for skidsteer and L for wheel loader. I would use 'S' in place of 'R' for steel edged models.

    I have seen other companies include the year that it was built as part of the number, but I think that is overkill for this purpose. I have the year on file with the receipt and associated paperwork.

    I then have to decide if these numbers should be welded on or just placed on with stickers.

    Second question - I am considering placing my company lettering on the side plates of the pusher box. Any words of advice on this, such as durability issues of the lettering? I was also thinking of placing lettering across the front of the boxes, but have a feeling it will be cost prohibitive. Has anyone installed magnets with their company logos on side plates of pusher boxes? I am considering this for some boxes that my subcontractors own. Has anyone ever acquired new clients by them seeing your name on pusher boxes?

    Final question - What have others done as far as welding or placing any identifying marks to be able to identify your pusher in the event it was stolen? Anything welded in an obvious place could easily be ground off and the entire pusher box sand blasted and repainted. Also, the tags that are riveted on from the factory could easily be removed. I was thinking of either using a punch/stamp set to imprint the serial number on the underside of the unit where no one would think to look. I was also thinking of placing some sort of unique weld on the underside. What do you guys think?

    Thanks in advance.