Push box / plow extender for pick-up?


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Has anywone ever seen a push box for a large pick-up (1 ton duelly) or some type of plow extender that a truck like this could handle. Something that could be left on site, hooked up and droped pretty fast, so you could have the same truck plow everything to 1 area then use the box to move a large amount in 1 shot?


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Chuck is right Avalanche makes a pusher box for trucks but it is not real popular .The problem is that a truck unlike a loader is not designed to push snow with a box. As the box loads with snow you will lose your steering capability because the front axle becomes severly overloaded. A 1 ton also just doesnt have the torque nor the power to push a heavy load of snow.If you are interested in a pusher for a truck call avalanche and they will probably try to convince you to put a box on a loader as opposed to a truck.
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best i could say to you as far as a pusher box for your truck would be a big V plow, or to get some of those buyers wings for your regular plow. otherwise, like these other guys are saying, your truck would be hurtin big time.

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