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push box on a bobcat?

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by snowguys, Oct 17, 2008.

  1. snowguys

    snowguys Senior Member
    Messages: 708

    so i got this good size lot and was thinking of getting a bobcat can i use a 8ft or 10ft push box on it? if so how far you think i can push with it? i dont know what kind or bobcat or something like it i wanna get but i thought i would ask anyway
  2. tom_mccauley

    tom_mccauley Senior Member
    Messages: 465

    Just what do you consider a good size lot? You would be surprised what a 3/4 ton with a V can do. Might be able to save your self a lot of $:drinkup:
  3. snowguys

    snowguys Senior Member
    Messages: 708

    yea i know its a season lot so i got $ comeing in and i thought i might get one i have a 7' fisher now on my truck and might go to a vee i was thinking of getting a used cat to start off with
  4. MB3

    MB3 Senior Member
    Messages: 123

    Unless you need the bobcat for other things throughout the year, I would go with the v plow and bank the extra cash.payup
  5. afalk

    afalk Junior Member
    Messages: 19

    we have a LX985 new holland with a 10' blade works really well. I am not sure how far you can push all depends on what type of snow you get.
  6. hickslawns

    hickslawns Senior Member
    Messages: 627

    Important factor is slow speed of a skid loader. If you can push both ways on the lot and the runs are say 50 yards or less they can really kick butt. If you want to go longer pushes then you probably need a 2 speed skid steer.
  7. ducatirider944

    ducatirider944 Senior Member
    from Iowa
    Messages: 469

    Not to bash here but if it is a big enough lot for a skidsteer, What are you doing with a 7' plow? All I do is large lots, and if your doing them, you need an 8' with wings or a 8.5' v for starts, also if you have a 7' I'm going to go out on a limb and say you have a half ton? You will want a 3/4 ton or larger. As far as a skidoader I would tell you you want a 2speed or don't get one. I have a 90 xt with a pusher box and it will run circles around any of my trucks hands down.
  8. jgoetter1

    jgoetter1 Senior Member
    Messages: 278

    I'd have to see the lot dimensions to determine what equipment would be necessary. I will however say that a 7 ft blade on a pickup would struggle on a good size lot.
  9. Mr Green

    Mr Green Junior Member
    Messages: 5

    I have an 873 Bobcat with a Protech 10ft pusher. I did sign a large commercial lot last season which was done with help from a dump with a 9ft blade. The lot is a little under 3 acres. If you keep up with the snow you will have no problem at all. We did get in trouble once last year when we blew a hydrolic line but I just put another truck in to the mix. But the Bobcat did do a great job!
  10. nathanlacourse

    nathanlacourse Member
    Messages: 37

    how far have you been able to push with pusherbox
  11. snowguys

    snowguys Senior Member
    Messages: 708

    hey guys thanks for all the info i really dont need a skid steer but i know they work better then a plow and last year they had to do snow removal i know we had a bad winter but i was just thinking why not buy one and have it so if i did have to so snow removal i wount need to rent one and this is my five year plowing and my biggest lot to date and was thinking if i can get it now and pay for it why not and plus i was thinking of puting a vee on my truck what your thoughts on that?
  12. snowguys

    snowguys Senior Member
    Messages: 708

    hey ducatlrider i dont need to have a skid steer there i was just thinking of buy one couse its a season contract and i have more then just one truck i have 4 i dont know how to post a pic off google if anyone wants to help i can give you a address so you can see the lot???