Purging air from Fisher insta-act

Discussion in 'Fisher Engineering Discussion' started by rwgagnon, Jan 31, 2011.

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    Replaced the leaking reservoir on my 4 year old Fisher Minute Mount 2 hydraulic unit a couple of weeks ago. I lost about a 1 and 1/2 quarts of fluid in the process, and did find a small amount of sludge on the drain plug, which I cleaned. Filter and pickup tube looked good. Put it back together and topped off the fluid. I tried to purge the air by just running it up and down and side to side, holding at the end of the travel a few times. However, now the response to the joystick control is sluggish and jerky, where it used to be quick and tight before. I think there probably is still air in the system, but cannot find the procedure to purge it out. I have read Fishers flushing instructions, but it is too damn cold to do that whole process right now. Any advise would be appreciated.
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    If it chatters when it moves right or left you are more than likely low on fluid.
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    Just use it, it will eventually bleed. Some guys position the truck so they can get the blade pointed down. Like with the tires on parking stops, or on a sidewalk. That will help bleed the angle rams more effectively, quickly.
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    Has a vent on tank. It should bleed out
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    yeah i am having the same problem with my plow. The guy that had it before me put ATF in it so i changed it to the right fluid. I drained the lines completely and now i can grab on the plow when it is up and move the angle rams in about 2 inches or so.
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    You need to let it sit for a while before you running it again,you can run it,you won't hurt it it will just take longer to bleed,let it sit for a bit,if you take the fill plug off and look inside you'll see thousands of air bubbles at the top of the resivoir,they need to settle or nothing is going to happen,I've installed brand new plows that have taken upwards of an hour to get right and then i've seen others take 2 minutes,be patient,you'll get it
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    thanks for the reply. hopefully that will fix one of my problems. my other problem is with lifting. goes up half way and then struggles the rest of the way. could it be the solenoid?
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    Not the solenoid,if it worked before this then it's still air in the system or your still low on fluid