pulling an axle shaft

does any one know hot to pull a shaft? or know where to find a web site that can tell me? I would like to pull the shafts on my FF 14 bolt to see how many splines it has. also how do i replace the steering ujoints in the front dana 60? thanks for any help.


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Never gotten into Dana 60 U-joints (yet) so I can't help you there, but if you're dealing with a full-floater axle it's an easy matter to yank the axleshafts: Remove the 8 bolts holding the axle flange to the hub. Take a soft-faced hammer and rap the flange to jar it loose. Then get hold of the flange (locking pliers on the rib on the end of the flange will work) and twist it to start the removal process. Pull the shaft out of the axle tube. Same for the other side, make sure you mark which shaft came out of which side.

Since the full-floater axle uses the axle housing to carry the vehicle weight, all the shaft does is transmit torque so you can pull the shafts without getting into the rest of the axle.

What's the reason for pulling the shafts in the first place? I know you want to count the number of splines on them, is this to see if a replacement set of gears you have will fit? Just wondering 'cause I'm a little :confused: , only time I've pulled the axle shafts on my truck is when there was more extensive disassembly to follow - such as a rear brake job.

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