pulling a gun on plower

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by treeman06, Feb 19, 2008.

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    You know it has been a long winter when people start pulling guns on plow drivers. Happened here Monday afternoon in the city, a 76 year old man was angered by a city plow that had pushed snow into his drive, and possibly hit his mailbox. Police were called and the old man was arrested, I hope they throw the book at this guy!
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    Man people pull guns for all kinds of stuff. sh*t happens
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    Its unbelieveable how people think they're going to solve everything by pulling a gun on someone or shooting up an establishment. I'm sure you've all herd about the latest school shooting. I still can't believe when that happens, even though its become almost a normal occurance. My condolances go out to those involved in these unfortunate events, I can't even begin to imagine what thats like.:salute:
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    Thank goodness I live in tymusic

    Not that we dont have violence but pulling a gun on a plower for plowing you in.... argh!!
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    Pull a gun on me, and you've siqned your death certificate...

    I have a CCW permit, and I carry 99% of the time...

    Old man was lucky...
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    can't we all just get along?
    pull a gun on the plow driver? What the hell is wrong with these people.
    do they not realize that we are just providing a service that is required in the event that snow does actually fall from the sky?

    How about we leave your street, then make you wait 4 hours for a tow driver to charge you double for pulling your dumb ass out, because you hate to shovel!
    Hire a plow company!!!!!
  7. Mike S

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    Doesnt suprise me one bit after watching that video of that guy that gets plowed in and chases the plows down the street! That was a funny vid! What a bunch of @#%*ing R Tards!!!!
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    the guy is 76 years old..... Think about his mental state, his health and how desperate he must be to make him that angry to loose control and pull a dumb a-- move. It's not right AND I'm not justifying it so don't came back after me but, when you deal with unique mental conditions and seemingly desperate situations you know your not all playing on a level ball field.

    Do you have a link to the article??????????????????
  9. veggin psd

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    You got that right! A stupid move like that old man pulled will get you a personal introduction to "MY LITTLE FRIEND!":nono:
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    It is unforunate what happened at NIU and makes me sick. The media TV,Newspapers,etc... keep pounding it in peoples heads. In my profession the media can help you and hurt you at the same time. By repeating the story over and over, other people get ideas from it and then copy cat it. My blessing go to all the family members that fell victim to an idoit that could not take his life with out taking and hurting others.

    Behavior modification specialist by night, Mower, landscaper, snow plower by day. May god be with them!!!:angel:
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    I don't blame you. I believe if things were back to like the old west, we would have a lot less idiots to deal with. Of course what would happen is what is going on today with idiots getting armed and taking out their rage on innocent people.

    Behavior Modification Specialist by Night,:gunsfiring: Mower, Landscaper, Snow plower by day.
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    I'm with you!
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    We dont live in the Wild West, man. Be careful with that gun. You might shoot your eye out.
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    Your unused vial of Testosterone?
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    You would think after 76 years the guy would know he should wait to shovel out his driveway untill the plows go by. I dont understand why people are so suprised when the plows go by.
  17. Snowpower

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  18. McVey Landscaping

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    It takes some people 76 years to figure this out!:sleeping:

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    That is so true you MORON. Wait until the plow is done plowing your street MORON. :non

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    same here, if you pull a gun on me you better pull the trigger and not just think you can bluff and scare me, i carry 2:gunsfiring: at all times!