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Lords Valley, PA
While looking into the possiblity of upgrading my truck in the future I visited Ford's site to build my truck. How come you can no longer get the 4.10 gears on a PSD with an auto? I'm almost positive that it was previously offered on pickups and know that it was available in the E350 with a PSD and auto. Any one know the answer to this?

John DiMartino Veteran
I thought4.10 was only offered in F350 dually trucks.The f350,and 250 SRW can only get 3.73 with the PSD I think Dodge is the only one offering 4.10 in a diesel now with single wheels,Gm wont put them behind the new duramax at all.


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John's right, you can only get the 4.10s in the dually, not the SRW. I really wanted them in my '01 350 SRW and begged the dealer to pull strings but no luck. Don't know why, it would take some load off the tranny.

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