Protecting surfaces where sand and salt is stored

I'm curious if there is a need for those folks that store their sand and salt on concrete or ashphalt surfaces.

In loading sand trucks, when using a front end loader there could be the chance that these heavy and strong buckets could tear up the surface.

We produce a special blade for John Deere called the Guardian which attaches to front end loaders, and we make our own version of the product which we call Thrasher.

These blades are not like our "U" edges as you have called them but are harder bolt on items.

originally they were made for Reclamation yards, transfer stations and the like where the steel blades were causing all sorts of damage to the surfaces.

These blades did the job and have been in service for three (3) years.

With the popularity of Pusher Boxes, and the large piles of snow they can move and pile, I know that some places require the snow removal contractors to take the snow away.

I'm thinking that these could be large parking lots, malls, and warehouses that need the snow to be removed.

I'd appriciate any comments on the vability of a product like this from the real movers and pushers............

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