Proper lubricant for Dana front axle?

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    Can anyone shed some light on the proper lubricant for a Dana 44IFS? My manual shows Dana front axles all require the same: Gear oil. However, my manual shows the rear Dana axles as needing: Hypoid Gear Lubricant. I am assuming they are different?
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    Well... I'm not sure about yours, but my K1500's front IFS differential takes 80W-90 GL-5. I think the Slick -50 stuff is 80W-90 too, if you feel like running that. I'm guessing yours takes something like that.

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    Hypoid, is a shape of a gear. So yes, gear lube can safely be used.

    "A hypoid gear resembles a spiral bevel gear, except that the pinion is offset so that its axis does not intersect the gear axis; it is widely used in automobiles between the engine driveshaft and the rear axle. Offset of the axis of hypoid gears introduces additional sliding between the teeth, which, when combined with high loads, requires a high-quality EP oil."

    (Exxon/Mobil Oil Encyclopedia)

    Gear lubricant is meant for all types of gears. It is also available in many grades, most of which are suitable for use with hypoid gears.

    EP = Extreme Pressure

    GL = Gear Lubricant

    The number that follows is the rating. GL-5 is common, and GL-6 is becoming more common.

    "GEAR OIL GX also is the correct choice where equipment manufacturers such as Clark,Chevrolet, Dodge, GMC, and Mack recommended API GL-5 lubricants for manual transmissions.However, other manufacturers—Ford, Fuller (Eaton), International Harvester, Spicer, and Warner Gear—prefer engine oil for manual transmissions. GEAR OIL GX should not be used in these units."

    "API GL-6 Service
    API GL-6 gear oil, represents a 12-15 EP score level of protection, compared with 10 minimum for MIL-L-2105D, and is generally equivalent to that specification in other respects. Recommended by Ford for use in their cars due to the high offset (2 1/4") hypoid." (Hear that Geoff? ;) )

    (Exxon/Mobil Oil Encyclopedia)

    Ok, enough technical stuff... If it's meant for hypoid gears, it's what you want to use.

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    thanks for all the info guys,

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    Not bad, coming from a guy who can't.....

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    Nice job helping this guy out. Hyphoid.... sounds like a type of flu...
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    You beat me to it LOL! (Not the hyphoid vs. hypoid joke , I couldn't have come up with good quality humor like that. Get to bed in case Peggy let's you plow AGAIN.) ;)