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Decided to actually do some work ON and FOR the dump truck….

Got the hood out of the corner, and washed.

Office equipment Gas Composite material Gadget Automotive design

Hood Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Automotive design Trunk

And, as you all know, I dropped the rear tank out to repair the skid plate/strap combo.

I heard something rolling around in the tank.

Pulled the sender and….
Automotive tire Rim Gas Automotive wheel system Auto part

The fuel siphon screen broke off. Luckily I had one here, and put it on.
Also, when the sender was out, I looked in the tank and there was some goop floating around in the fuel.

Not real sure what it is. It even made it into the screen.

Automotive tire Ingredient Oreo Recipe Cuisine

And you can see it in the fuel I dumped out of the tank.
Hood Bicycle part Bumper Automotive tire Gas

I couldn't get it all out, so I ended up washing out the whole tank with hot water and getting it nice and clean.

And, all back together

Wheel Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive tire Automotive exterior

Had a local fab shop make me straps, then since the upper and lower straps cradle the tank, then it gets bolted in as a whole unit. I cut the tabs off the old skid plate and welded them to the one end of each strap so the top strap could bolt to it.

I have to do some more work on the back of the truck yet. For the 3 marker lights, and possibly the license plate.

The truck will get a LARGE hitch plate welded into the frame when its totally done.

The front fenders, bumper filler, and hood are ready to prep for paint. I will most likely start on that this week, and hopefully be painting next week.
Started prepping for paint…

Found the paint was bubbling on the cowl section of the hood… So I had to take that down to the gelcoat :/

and then I had to sand out the rock chips. So now I have to primer the whole hood. And hopefully keep to my timeline.

Table Wood Composite material Gas Automotive exterior
If your serious, PM me.

haha, well here is some!

All sanded, and hung.

Wood Motor vehicle Floor Automotive exterior Automotive design

Primer laid.

White Hood Automotive tire Vehicle Motor vehicle

And, Sealed, Based, and Cleared.

Motor vehicle Automotive tire Hood Bumper Wood

I have some orange peel, and a little dirt in some areas. But nothing some sanding and buffing can't fix.

Laid down 3 coats of base, and 4 coats of clear. Should be pretty good.

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More progress!

Truck sat outside with no doors for three days. Only plastic over the openings. And we naturally had rain and wind the whole time...
Tire Vehicle Car Wheel Motor vehicle

Got both doors installed
Tire Wheel Vehicle Motor vehicle Hood

Then, all assembled and back outside.
Automotive parking light Tire Wheel Vehicle Automotive side marker light

Minor adjusting will need to be done yet, its hard to do with the fenders on.

Oil cooler re-seal kit came today, so I will be doing that in the next week or so. I have to wait on the upper and lower radiator hoses to get here first since I will be draining the oil and coolant out of the truck. Now is the time to change the radiator as well...
You can see the striping, and how light it is in the sun :/

Automotive tail & brake light Blue Hood Automotive lighting Automotive tire

Hood Automotive lighting Blue Azure Automotive tire

Back to paint Friday!
Well, I decided to bite the bullet today and sand everything back down…

The hood was as bad as I thought.

Hood Fluid Paint Rectangle Tints and shades

And, then I sanded the doors down. Tore them down to nothing, sanded, then reinstalled everything because I am not ready to paint yet.

I also put the black door handles in so I wouldn't lose them in the mix.

Vehicle Hood Motor vehicle Automotive tire Car

Tire Wheel Vehicle Truck Hood

Shooting for paint on Saturday.

Had to do some house renovating this week and don't have the time to dedicate to painting.
Managed to find a new ignition, and door locks that were black.

Hood Automotive lighting Grille Automotive tire Automotive design

Vehicle Automotive tire Motor vehicle Steering wheel Steering part

I still have new ones coming to the house for locks. But The ones I have here are Ford products.

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Got my NEW door locks today. I think I will use them.

Automotive tire Wood Finger Cameras & optics Camera accessory

To my surprise… They were branded FORD.

Gas Rectangle Jewellery Cable Thumb
Getting a little farther on progress today!

After spraying...
Lighting Table Atmospheric phenomenon Floor Flooring

Drivers door
Cloud Atmosphere Blue Hood Sky

Passengers door
Hood Automotive lighting Automotive design Automotive tire Vehicle door

Hood Cloud Automotive lighting Wood Vehicle door

Got a little dirt, and some clear runs. But nothing major!

Laid down 4 coats of color, and 4-5 coats of heavy clear.
The wife helped me put the doors on it today.

Automotive parking light Automotive tail & brake light Wheel Tire Automotive lighting

Wheel Automotive parking light Tire Automotive side marker light Vehicle

Automotive tail & brake light Tire Automotive tire Wheel Hood

And I started polishing the holes in the wheels.
Yellow Motor vehicle Rim Bumper Automotive tire

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Well. I scrounged up and found all the stuff I needed at my home to do the oil cooler. So Its in the garage for the night so its not FREEZING tomorrow when I go to work on it. Possibly my last free day to do anything.

Wheel Tire Automotive parking light Automotive side marker light Land vehicle
Got the oil cooler redone, and replaced the radiator, upper and lower radiator hoses, one heater hose, the radiator reservoir, battery tray and washer bottle…

Changed the oil and coolant since removing the oil cooler drains both lol

Tomorrow I am going to try and get the front clip on.

Oil cooler location, driver side of the engine.
Motor vehicle Hood Automotive exterior Electrical wiring Gas

Oil cooler OUT. Tight fit lol
Gas Auto part Metal Composite material Concrete
Got tied up in some things today.

But got a little done.
Vehicle Grille Automotive tire Hood Motor vehicle

Im glad my core support is clean
Automotive tire Motor vehicle White Hood Tire
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Bumper Automotive exterior Gas
Got the front clip on today. Have some minor adjustments to do yet, and have to repaint the DAMN FENDERS… Cant win. Live and learn…

Anyway. photos!
Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Motor vehicle

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Motor vehicle

Automotive parking light Wheel Tire Vehicle Car

Tire Vehicle Automotive parking light Grille Vehicle registration plate

Getting there!

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Bah, Ill fix my own messes…

Progress from today.

FIRST. I washed the 96 to get all the road grime and salt off it.

Automotive parking light Wheel Tire Land vehicle Vehicle

Then I moved the dump and took some decent photos of it.

Wheel Automotive parking light Tire Vehicle Sky

Wheel Tire Automotive parking light Car Vehicle

Automotive parking light Sky Tire Car Wheel

Then I pulled it into the garage, and topped off the transmission. I lost 2 quarts doing the radiator swap.

then started refitting the panels.
I messed with the core support adjustment panels that the fenders bolt to and got them to move a little bit.

Moved the drivers fender in a little.

Moved the passenger fender all over the place then realized it wasn't going to work with the doors alignment.

Took the passenger fender back off and realigned the door and ended up shimming the front of the hinges out 1/4". top and bottom hinges both. This in turn sucked the door INTO the cab farther. One of the previous owners bent the door backwards and messed up the cab pretty good. This shimming helped tremendously.

After getting the door back into alignment, I put the fender back on, and started messing with it a little.

I didn't shim it out nearly as far as before, and it also lined up with the hood a lot better.

I finished up the afternoon with these body lines.

Automotive parking light Tire Wheel Automotive tire Vehicle

Automotive parking light Vehicle Automotive tail & brake light Car Grille

They don't look too bad. Are pretty even too.

Going to see if I can do anything more to get them a little tighter, and measure the front of my F250 to see how its specs compare with the dump trucks.
I hear ya. Thats why this is taking so long. lol

Spent some time today and did some more panel alignment.

Redid the passenger door today. Which meant removing the passenger fender. Removed it about 2 or 3 times. So I could check for panel fitment between the door and fender. Thankfully its EASY to remove these fenders.

The passenger fender still needs a little more tweaking. But I ran out of time for the day. I will try some more tomorrow.

Passenger side...

Tire Wheel Automotive tail & brake light Hood Vehicle

Automotive tail & brake light Automotive tire Vehicle Automotive lighting Hood

Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Automotive tire

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Drivers Side.
Vehicle Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Hood Automotive tire

Automotive tail & brake light Tire Vehicle Wheel Automotive tire

Tire Car Wheel Vehicle Motor vehicle

I may do a little work on the drivers door, but I am up in the air on that.
Decided to clean the core support. Figure its going to get painted, may as well get to prepping…

Tire Car Grille Vehicle Motor vehicle
Welp. Progress.

Tire Automotive parking light Wheel Vehicle Car

All prepped.

Motor vehicle Gas Vehicle Automotive exterior Auto part

Going to also take this opportunity to paint the core support black, and possibly the firewall and hinges.
Ill keep that in mind. lol

Painted yesterday.
Grey Atmospheric phenomenon Fog Gas Art

Car Automotive lighting Hood Light Vehicle

Automotive lighting Hood Liquid Light Vehicle

Have a lot of clear runs. but thats better than paint runs. lol

Ill get them sanded down when I start to wet sand the truck.

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Progress again.

Got all the body panels on, and fitted NICELY. Moved the passenger door down about 1/8" to line up better with the fender.

DID NOT get a chance to paint the core. The core was too cold to paint, and I wouldn't get good adhesion. Ill paint it in the spring.

Automotive parking light Wheel Tire Sky Vehicle

Automotive parking light Automotive side marker light Vehicle Sky Wheel

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Automotive tire
Car Vehicle Grille Automotive lighting Hood
I spent a lot of time getting the body lines to match up, look right, and have good panel gaps. I think my efforts turned out great.
Tire Wheel Vehicle Automotive tire Motor vehicle
Wheel Tire Vehicle Hood Automotive tire
Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Motor vehicle
Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Automotive tire

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Well… Bought more stuff.
Automotive tire Tread Gas Rim Serveware

Wheel Tire Automotive tire Automotive lighting Tread

Automotive tire Wheel Rim Alloy wheel Automotive wheel system

Wood Font Automotive exterior Motor vehicle Gas
Also, I got new badges for the fenders.
Font Rectangle Wood Typesetting Automotive exterior
Made a weekend trip to Ohio this past weekend.

Automotive parking light Car Vehicle Land vehicle Automotive tail & brake light

Wheel Tire Automotive tire Motor vehicle Alloy wheel

Those 6 are the recalled ones, that go back to Alcoa.

I also sold the old 4 that I had polished, and dropped them off on my way out. So Im down 4 already :(
Other 2 showed up.

Drinkware Automotive lighting Automotive tire Alloy wheel Motor vehicle

So, the old 6 are boxed, and heading back to Alcoa this week.
Thank you,

Thats what happened to this bed. The salt got to it. It used to have a spreader on the back of it, not in it. Where you fill the bed with salt etc etc.

It ate the floor a little, and then ate into the sides. The bed company drilled what I think were weep holes in the bottoms of the bed sides to let them breathe? Well, that just made it worse.

Im not sure if Line X, or any bed liner material, would be good for inside the dump bed. Only because the stuff is designed to "hold" onto material.

Make a thread following your progress!

Western Side, about an hour east of Pittsburgh.

Thank you! Its a lot to read, but its been a fun build for sure.

The chrome grille and bezels will be here Tuesday, and the headlights by Friday.

I did paint the core black a little while ago.

Automotive parking light Tire Car Automotive side marker light Sky

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Hood Automotive lighting Grille Bumper Rectangle
Grille Automotive lighting Hood Bumper Automotive exterior

Ford Parts always look great
I don't have swag. lol

Got the new headlights last week sometime.

Had today off and decided to wet sand and buff the one side of the truck.

Tire Automotive parking light Automotive tail & brake light Wheel Car

Tire Wheel Automotive parking light Land vehicle Vehicle

Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Land vehicle

Cloud Sky Atmosphere Blue Tree

I think it turned out pretty decent!
Did some more today.

I wet sanded the hood to 2000 grit, and buffed it out. Wet sanded the passenger fender as well. Its going to have to get re-cleared. But I will probably farm it out since I don't have the time to do it, and I need to get this truck DONE.

Car Automotive parking light Vehicle Blue Motor vehicle

Hood Automotive lighting Vehicle door Tints and shades Automotive exterior

Also put on a black antenna and base.

Window Motor vehicle Car Vehicle Automotive lighting

You can see here the fender is prepped for re-spray.

Also ordered tires for it the other day. Ill get them on after the truck is done being painted and finished.

Just watch buying the older trucks with rust and low miles…

They usually end up having a LOT of issues. Kid bought one that had like 60K on it, 5.8 auto with rust on it. The thing has been nothing but problems for him.

Anyway, I got the fenders back last week, and installed them. They match great.
Wheel Tire Land vehicle Vehicle Car

The new job i have is slowing progress. Plus with spring and what not, I have a TON of stuff to do :/

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Got my lug nuts, and covers for the F-SD yesterday.
Water Bubbler Helmet Grass Wood

Tires get mounted Friday afternoon…

Also took a trip to Ohio monday and came back with stuff.

Plant Motor vehicle Automotive tire Tree Automotive exterior

Also, 2 VERY nice door panels and a dash pad too lol

Got the 7.3 out of my bed by pulling it back with the Deere, then picking it up with my Harbor Freight engine crane. And now it sits on the Harbor Freight Stand lol

Motor vehicle Automotive tire Wheel Vehicle Automotive exterior

The 7.3 has about 140,000 on it. Its a 1995 motor. Complete minus turbo and the front accessories.

The Bad.
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Bumper Automotive exterior Gas

Rotted head. lol

I basically bought it for the injectors. Lower mileage than whats in the dump trucks. And supposedly ran good. So that should clear up the smoke it makes.

Also going to use the tank you see in the bed for the front of the F-SD as well. Its plastic, so it'll never rust out, and holds 23-25 gallons of diesel. Much better than the 19 steel thats in there now.

So, Slowly making progress still.

I am sure most of you are tired of the build by now.
Well, the time has come.

Wheel Automotive parking light Tire Land vehicle Sky
Tire Wheel Sky Vehicle Truck
Tire Wheel Car Land vehicle Vehicle
Tire Wheel Vehicle Automotive tire Synthetic rubber

New tires all around, 235-85-16 Cooper AT-3's
New Alcoa lug nuts
New Alcoa lug nut covers
New Alcoa wheels…

I Still need to paint the hubs black, and change a steel wheel out on the back. It is bent, and was unaware until we mounted the tire. So I said screw it, and worry about it later. I am not driving it at the moment lol

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Well, got some time…

I buffed the rest of the truck out, and decided to install the front trim and new bumper I picked up. The trim and headlights have been sitting around for about 3 months now, and the bumper came all the way from Georgia.

Wheel Tire Automotive parking light Plant Vehicle
Automotive parking light Wheel Tire Vehicle Plant
Automotive parking light Automotive side marker light Tire Car Vehicle

Vehicle Window Car Building Hood

So, coming along nicely again!
Its glued in. The trim you see on these trucks is purely aesthetics.

That bed is for my F250! Rust free southern parts are making their way up to me so I can re-do the truck. And thanks! I wasn't happy with the fitment of the headlights at first. I ended up salvaging the adjusters out of the old headlights since the new ones were so cheap they didn't hold the headlight still. The headlight would wiggle…. But, thats all OEM chrome. Its the only stuff that fits good!

Wheel Tire Plant Car Vehicle

Vehicle Hood Automotive tire Motor vehicle Car
Tire Wheel Vehicle Plant Automotive tire

Yeah, most of them come with it, but you can get some without it too. Depends on who makes the glass etc etc
Decided to paint the Window Channel's on the doors.

Car Vehicle Window Motor vehicle Hood
Plant Vehicle Car Hood Motor vehicle

Then I got the mirrors all hooked back up, AND nothing works….

I have a feeling its a connection in the kick panel. It gives me grief it seems.

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Long lost brothers? LOL

Wheel Tire Car Automotive parking light Automotive side marker light
Wheel Car Automotive parking light Tire Land vehicle
Its been a while. I KNOW! I KNOW!

Between working, and trying to get everything repaired, and my other obligations, I haven't even had time to look at the truck :(

I decided to put vinyl on the chrome bezels around the lights. The chrome always wears off from water running off the hood. And I didn't want that to happen to these nice new bezels.

Vehicle Motor vehicle Wheel Hood Automotive tire
Automotive parking light Automotive tail & brake light Automotive lighting Grille Car
Automotive parking light Car Automotive tail & brake light Vehicle Grille

It looks good on there, can't really tell its even there. Which is PERFECT!

I also took off the aluminum wheels for the winter time months so they aren't getting damaged.

We added a new truck to the fleet at the end of August.

Tire Automotive parking light Wheel Vehicle Car

Its the wifes truck lol 69 F-100 Ranger. Drove to Alabama and back for it. It was a good time! It sucked up a lot of my time working on that truck, getting it road worthy.

The F250 went into the body shop. Had to replace the front lip of the roof, near the windshield. It actually rusted through. The F350 is starting to do that, so I am going to spearhead that Wednesday. All new brakes on the 95, Master, Booster, Rotors, and Pads. Stops MUCH better now.

Anyway. I am planning on tidying up some stuff on the dump. Cleaning up the core support as best as I can, and coating it. Reinstalling the inner fenders, and working on getting a license plate mount for the back.

Just a lot of little stuff that isn't any fun, or worth mentioning lol
I haven't seen you around in quite a while! How have you been!?

Yeah, and once they get ugly, then the wash sponge of your choice ends up HANGING onto it. Then you're stuck picking the crap off the bezels...

I did the grille today, after I found a long enough piece floating around.
Grille Hood Automotive tire Automotive lighting Car
Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Hood Automotive design Trunk

And the finished product.
Automotive parking light Automotive side marker light Car Vehicle Plant

Ive never installed vinyl in my life, so I think I did a good job LOL

I cleaned up the core support as well, got all the major flaking off. Instead of painting it, since I can't get the rust off it anyway.... I am going to douse it in FF. Hopefully that will slow it down, or stop it all together.

Ive also decided to cut the bed back open on the INSIDE near the tailgate latch assembly.

They are locked up solid, and even before It sat, if I didn't move the latch DAILY, it would freeze up solid... I believe most of the issue lies in the thickness of the latches. There isn't enough space between the latch, and the bed, and they rust together.

So I am going to re-engineer the assembly, shrink down the latches, and possibly look into doing an actuator, or air valve back there since the original design on the truck is piss poor.

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Got some stuff accomplished.

Put FF on the Core support, and the Cab mounts. And then also inside the fenders a bit.
Motor vehicle Automotive exterior Vehicle Automotive tire Gas

Then reinstalled the inner fenders.
Tire Automotive tire Wheel Motor vehicle Tread

Then decided to open up the bed AGAIN...

Automotive tire Wood Bumper Gas Automotive exterior

Who in their RIGHT Mind thought that was a good idea??!?!?

ZERO tolerance, on the BACK of the bed, with an opening on the bottom, and NO way to lubricate or access the pivot point.

What you're looking at there is the back side of the tailgate latch on the bottom. That pivot is locked up solid. The plan is to drill out the plug weld and remove the center pivot piece. Have new ones cut that are thinner, and either install a bearing or bushing on there, or leave enough of space around the pivot point that it wont bind up like it did.

Who comes up with this crap? I mean, seriously, thats the stupidest thing I've seen in a while.

I really should have done this a long time ago on all my stuff!

haha, yes. It has been QUITE a while. Just over 3 years now I have owned the truck and driven it a total of 1 mile, and maybe another mile in short trips in and out of the garage lol

Id like to see your truck!

I have photos of everything, what would you like to see?
Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Automotive parking light

The cap is gone off it, and it has a nice low profile tonneau cover now.

Tire Wheel Automotive parking light Car Land vehicle

The 351 was WORTHLESS in that F350. The 460 is MUCH better, and even better without the Kitty...

It really sounds awesome with the Headers and 4" exhaust.
Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Hood

I decided it was time to work on the tailgate issue. WHOEVER thought it was a good idea for the hinge setup is an idiot.

Gas Wood Soil Automotive tire Machine

Locked up solid. Wouldn't move without a 3 foot pry bar...

Drilled the pin out, didn't go too far off center. I am going to do some grinding and coating of everything and redo it my way. It should move NICE and easy when I am all done.

I managed to not destroy the paint yet, so thats a plus haha

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Thank ya1

And thats interesting that it stopped it from spreading!

I ended up getting both of the tailgate latch assemblies torn apart and cleaned up.

Here is what it looked like inside where the "jaw/hook" that moves would be.
Water Window Plant Branch Wood

And the Jaw itself, you can see how much crap is on it, and how much it swelled.
Wood Door Bumper Automotive tire Automotive exterior

I got the inside cleaned up pretty good
Wood Bumper Gas Automotive exterior Tints and shades

Then cleaned up the Jaw
Wood Beak Water Parrot Seabird

And Painted!
Tire Hood Automotive tire Motor vehicle Wheel

I used a high zinc primer on all the metal, then nice black enamel. I am going to hit it with another coat of paint today sometime hopefully. Im going to put it back together with a 5/8" bolt and liberal amounts of copper anti-seize. Then FF the whole inside of it. Then weld the inside of the bed back up. I contemplated putting an access panel on there, but doing that might cause issues with stuff coming out of the bed. But I am still up in the air over it.
FINALLY got the tailgate latch sorted out.

Ended up removing the PUSH/PULL Rods. Instead of using hairpin cotters, or regular pins to hold the rods onto the handle assembly, they welded washers to the rod... More wonderful engineering... So I drilled holes in the ends for hairpin cotters, and reinstalled washers loosely. Like it should have been done.

The rods had a section of 1/2" - 20 thread welded to the side of it for adjustment on the clevis yoke which pinned to the tailgate jaw. The idea is fine, it works fine, but its fine thread... And fine thread doesn't get along with rust at all.

Adjustment was impossible. They were so corroded together that even heat wouldn't work. It would have taken the threads off the rod, or broken off. Even if I could get the threads back into usable condition, the Clevis Yokes wouldn't come off without cutting them off or removing them in an unusable condition.

I would have to spend $15 to $35 dollars PER yoke to replace them, and I needed 2 of them. This is the part that attached to the JAW for the tailgate latch to the PUSH/PULL rod that went to the handle.

This is what I am talking about when I say Clevis Yoke.

I said screw it, and decided to make my own!

Cut off the ears to each yoke. Then cut off the adjustment rod that was welded to the side of the main rod.

Welded on my own section of 1/2" - 13 rod, which was a carriage bolt I cut the head of off, to the side of the Push/Pull rod just like they had.
Automotive tire Wood Asphalt Road surface Bumper

Then welded the ears of each yoke I cut off earlier to a 1/2" - 13 Nut. Using a new clevis pin to align the ears. I then proceeded to paint them up to protect them.
Tire Bicycle tire Wheel Automotive tire Bicycle fork

Cost me under 2 bucks! Much cheaper, and a FAST fix. This also allowed me to use a coarse thread which wouldn't cause as many issues as the fine thread would. Not the prettiest, but it does the job perfectly.

I got the Jaws bolted back in as well.

Wood Door Gas Machine Engineering

Automotive tire Automotive exterior Asphalt Gas Wood

Everything was reinstalled with liberal amounts of copper anti-seize. Then doused in fluid film.

I haven't patched the holes in the bed yet, but when I do. I plan on making access panels so If I need to get into those hinges again, I will be able to.

We got the 500000 pound tailgate back on, and latches adjusted properly as well.

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Thank you Gentlemen!

I got the holes patched all the way up today. They aren't the prettiest, but they are inside the bed, so It doesn't matter really.

Wood Gas Tints and shades Rectangle Concrete

Motor vehicle Wood Gas Machine Engineering

Then I decided to plate OVER the hole I made for the bolt in the latch. That way if I needed back in, all I'd have to do is cut the welds.
Automotive tire Hood Motor vehicle Automotive exterior Gas

Rectangle Freezing Gas Tints and shades Winter

All buttoned up, and put some primer on it.
And some other photos I took.

I haven't worked the bed up and down in a while, so I did that.
Wheel Tire Automotive parking light Vehicle Plant

And also cut the straps off in the bed for the forks of the skid loader that was used to load it lol
Road surface Wood Asphalt Floor Flooring

And a photo of the gobs of anti-seize and FF on the linkage lol
Leg Automotive tire Carnivore Finger Wood

So, Now the tailgate works GREAT, and no more rust back there.

That leaves me to detail the interior up, clean up the frame some more and paint it. Then also install a license plate mount, light, and 3 markers in the rear.

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Decided I better Make a place for the License plate, and maker lights.

Already had the lights, just needed to put them something. I need to buy License Plate lights yet, so I haven't drilled holes in the plate for them, but I have terminations in the little wiring harness I made for them. Everything was heat shrunk, and greased to prevent corrosion in the connections.

Anyway, here are some photos.
Vehicle registration plate Motor vehicle Fixture Bumper Automotive exterior
Automotive tail & brake light Vehicle registration plate Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Automotive exterior
Tire Vehicle Wheel Plant Automotive lighting
Wheel Tire Automotive parking light Vehicle Motor vehicle

Even when the hitch plate comes into play, I am going to leave the plate up high like that. Its protected under the bed, and I wont be replacing lights or plates then!
Got my license plate lights today. Got them wired in as well. Figured I may as well!

Automotive lighting Font Amber Motor vehicle Gas
Wheel Tire Automotive tail & brake light Automotive lighting Automotive tire

So, that should finish up all the lights.

I still have a lot to do... Just have to do it now.
Here are some better daytime photos.

Vehicle registration plate Vehicle Motor vehicle Car Automotive lighting
Wheel Vehicle Motor vehicle Train Automotive tire

Im kind of stalling out on it at the moment. Don't have any extra cash to spend on buying stuff I might use or need on the truck. So I am working with what I have. I need to get the windshield trim on so I can get it out of the truck. Then I can clean the inside good. I need to pickup new exterior anti-rattle seals for the windows. Those things aren't cheap for what they are. Its stupid.

Id also like to get under the cab and clean the frame up that I didn't finish, and clean up the rear axle and get some paint on it too.

I wanted to make the dump a gravity down, but with the electric pump, I can't do that. Which sucks. But whatever I suppose!

So, we are nearing completion for the truck as a running, driving, vehicle. I still need to get the front axle rebuilt, and get that under the truck. I still want it to be 4x4. It isn't going to be needed as much, but I still want it.
The new mirrors will be here Friday... Photos then.

I also got new headlights for the truck as well! The "Crystal" ones just didn't cut it for me.

Automotive lighting Bumper Rectangle Motor vehicle Automotive exterior

They should look and perform well. I really need to get this turd on the road!

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I forgot!

I got these a few weeks ago.

Product Rectangle Font Wood Material property
Finger Gesture Wood Thumb Automotive exterior
Finger Font Road surface Rectangle Flooring

Couldn't find a NICE original fender badge, so this was the next best thing. I have to clean them up, paint them, and polish the faces to look original.
More Parts!

Went yarding today and came out with the following...

Automotive tire Car subwoofer Vehicle Audio equipment Alloy wheel
Watch Data storage device Audio equipment Font Circle
Audio equipment Measuring instrument Electrical wiring Gas Cable

I LOVE Boston Speakers. It sucks they quit making them for automobiles. But, now I have awesome speakers for the dump!
Hey, Progress photos!
Tire Vehicle Vehicle registration plate Wheel Automotive lighting

Old Headlights
Floor Flooring Wood Gas Building

Tire Wheel Land vehicle Vehicle Automotive tire

New Headlights Low Beam
Wood Floor Flooring Window Building

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