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Im trying to do this from my phone. Should be interesting. Haha

I picked up a 1995 F-Superduty in January.


I decided I'm going to make it a 4x4. Which has probed harder than anticipated.

I picked up a Dana 60 front axle with the bolt on calipers. But wait. That's 8 lug....

Got that covered.

Found a guy selling these...


Yup. 8 to 10 lug adapters!

So now the problem is the parking brake. Its on the transmission. Its nearly impossible to get the adapter for a 1356 or 4407 case to accept the parking brake.

So I found a New Process 205. High angle drive line makes a drive line brake for the NP205. That's going to solve that problem.

So now it'll be 4x4. Just have some loose ends to tie up.

New problem is the bed is 14 feet long! And its flat. Haha.

Sold the bed this week. I need to get it off the truck yet.

I found a 1 year old hydraulic pump for 300 bucks and a 9' long dump bed in pretty good shape for 1000.


So I've got almost all the pieces to make it a 4x4 dump.

I hate tan interiors. So I managed to find a full grey interior with the nice 40-20-40 seats.

Needless to say. Its going to be a hell of a truck!

I was going to sell my 96 F350. But I may keep it now. I would need a plow for this truck too. At least 9''6"
No other forums really. It will be. But not right now.

Today's accomplishment....


Turns out. I can't go any shorter than 9' for a bed. Wouldn't work for the front tank.

You can see the white 9' mark on the right. And the shiny spot on the left.


I work 84 hours a week. So project time is minimal lol.

Going to have my buddy who's a certified welder do the frame chop.

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Wheel Tire Land vehicle Automotive parking light Vehicle

Measuring up

Hood Wood Automotive tire Asphalt Bumper


Automotive tire Motor vehicle Wood Bumper Automotive exterior

Wood Gas Flooring Bottle Machine
What you didn't see was us getting the frame plates off. That was the most time consuming. Those rivets were lN THERE!

Cut And on its own weight. No lines or driveshaft.

Tire Wheel Automotive parking light Plant Vehicle

Smoked the cab lights when I went out to get all the paint for the truck. 1 gallon of Royal Blue Metallic BC/CC for the cab. And 1 gallon of Royal Blue Metallic single stage for the bed.

Automotive carrying rack Vehicle Hood Car Motor vehicle

Fuel lines and brake lines back in. All the wiring patched up and in. Also got the driveshaft in

Bicycle tire Automotive tire Bicycle part Wood Bumper

Got the frame all smoothed down and the frame plates shortened and everything prepped for welding the plates back on.

Wood Bumper Floor Gas Flooring

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Crossmember is bolted in, top and bottom!

Wheel Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive exterior Vehicle

Bumper Wood Automotive exterior Floor Asphalt

Got the subframe on, and welded.
Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Automotive tire

Tire Wheel Land vehicle Car Vehicle
Got the hydraulics all hooked up, and bled.
Vehicle Bumper Automotive exterior Wood Motor vehicle

If time permits, the bed will go on tonight, and itll offically be a dump haha
Automotive parking light Tire Wheel Vehicle Automotive side marker light


Wheel Automotive parking light Tire Vehicle Plant

Wheel Tire Sky Vehicle Automotive tire

The truck didnt even sink an inch. lol
Ah, but it really isnt.

After doing some measuring, the bottom of the dump body is 1" taller on the frame than my dads 1980 F350 Dump. Bottom of cab to bottom of dump body is 1" different. F-Superduty trucks are just that tall. Compared to a 1993 F250 4x4, the F-Superduty is taller, on smaller tires even, stock for stock.

Wheel Automotive parking light Tire Car Land vehicle

Look at the bed, in relation to the cab.

Thinking out loud is good! Already looked into it, and short of cutting 2" out of the C Channel dump frame, theres no way to lower the body. Thats a lot of work to get 2" of clearance back. Im going to be working on making stone deflectors for the front, and mudflaps in the rear. Which will really help with how it looks for height.

Thats why I have a tractor! :laughing:

Once again, F-Superduty trucks are just THAT high.

Look at the height of the bed there even.

Some others.... They are links because of the 4 image rule, and I dont feel like post whoring Ford Super Duty Dump Truck.JPG

Now, here is an F350, thats 4x4.

Its higher yet.

What you need to look at is the bottom of the body vs the keyhole in the door. And also the top of the tire, to the bottom of the body.

All the F-SD trucks are high. Just the nature of the beast.

NOW, the cab protector... Its getting cut off, and lowered 6". Thats WAY too high.

Only thing I can think of is, the beds are built to each truck, this bed came from a Superduty truck, (99+) I think their cabs are taller off the frame, hence the taller cab protector.

The inside bed height, to the cab protector is 4 feet on my bed, and 3 feet on my dads 1980.

SOOOO, still some work to do!

I did find this, a truck like mine with a tall cab protector.

However, I think Ill be ordering all the lights today so I can start building the light boxes.
4 - 4" Red LED tails, with clear lenses
2 - 4" Clear LED reverse lights
2 - 3/4" Amber LED markers, with clear lenses
5 - 3/4" Red LED markers, with clear lenses

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Ouch! The wife says I do ;)

Back on topic...

Wheel Tire Car Plant Vehicle
Painted the frame after wire wheeling and needle scaling

Tire Wheel Plant Automotive tire Hood
Here are some.

I fully welded the stone gaurds on to reduce rust getting between the crossmember and guard and causing stains, or swelling. The old ones were stitched on and had a lot of stains and swelling

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Vehicle Tread
Wood Automotive tire Composite material Gas Bumper

Just in progress photos via Phone haha
Today's progress.

Wheel Tire Automotive tire Tread Vehicle

I misplaced my mig wire. So work has ceased for the day lol
Got the tail light boxes and mud flap hangers and plates. Did a little mock up for myself.
Vehicle Tire Automotive tire Wheel Truck

Patched all the random holes and cut off the bungie bar. I'll weld it back on under the bed and liner it.
Wheel Tire Land vehicle Vehicle Motor vehicle

Led lights. Two outside are stop/turn/running. One inside is reverse

Automotive tire Gas Wood Audio equipment Automotive exterior

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Progress today!

Got all the side panels cut out and all the patches in. only have the floor and inside plates left.

Automotive tire Rectangle Wood Composite material Gas

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Window Tread

Automotive tire Tire Tread Gas Bumper

Bumper Rectangle Automotive exterior Wood Gas
Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive exterior Food Bumper

Water Hood Automotive tire Bumper Alloy wheel

And I ran out of gas again. Naturally. I'll hopefully get some soon and back to work on this.
Got time to work on it today

Went to get my tank filled and traded it in on a larger one. Cost me an extra $4. It's about 3 feet tall. I need to get my leak figured out though. It doesn't take long to empty the line when I turn off the bottle.

Anyway. I got the welds ground down. And I also got some other holes cleaned up and some others welded on the insides to completely seal up the holes. I had ones plate leaking water, as it poured rain last night and the truck sits outside. So I went over it again and I think that fixed that issue. I painted all the welds as well.

Motor vehicle Wood Line Gas Font

One I haven't done yet
Automotive tire Wood Grey Gas Composite material

And completed.
Bumper Automotive exterior Wood Gas Grille

I'm getting there. But this looks much better than just plating over rust. I want the truck to look good!

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Finally, progress!

I picked up an MBRP C&C axle tube at Carlisle and it was what I needed!

So Now the truck has a real exhaust. MBRP all the way. Had to cut a hanger off and add a 45* to the tail pipe.




Got some more done!


Today is the first day Ive had off since the 19th, so I figured I would make a worthwhile post!

Had to move the truck out of the driveway for a few days so it can be resealed and snapped a few photos of the height of the truck compared to the other dump we have.

everyone says its SO HIGH, which yes the bed is tall. But A lot of it is frame height.


Plant Tire Wheel Automotive tire Tread

Trucks have the same tire sizes, so its not in the tire. There is an extra 6-8" of suspension on the F-SD compared to the F-350.

Anyway, the next step is to lower the cab protector to make it look right. Hopefully I can work on it before the snow flies

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And I did some photo shopping.

Tire Wheel Land vehicle Vehicle Motor vehicle

Wheel Tire Land vehicle Vehicle Plant

All I did was lower the cab protector, and chopped the rear side board towers

I think it looks 100X better
No, it doesn't look bad. I just gotta do it in real life now!

Either way, I have a lot to do to this truck.

I have to replace the passenger door, transfer all the electric guts to the new door, transfer all the electric guts to the drivers door, replace both front fenders, and MAYBE the hood. Change out the whole interior, because tan cramps my style. Install the new steering wheel, and EATC (yes, I am going there). I need to have straps made, or make straps for the rear fuel tank, and finish cleaning up the frame. All of this can be done in the winter when I am laid off. I really wanted to have it painted before winter, but its NOT looking like that's going to happen.

What really halted my progress was the fact that I had to buy new tires for my F250...
Wheel Tire Automotive parking light Cloud Car

AND then the drivers wheel bearing was grinding, that was 450 bucks, and then the rear caliper bracket and caliper slide decided they wanted to marry each other forever. That was another 60 bucks to fix because I couldn't get JUST The stupid bracket, I had to get a caliper AND bracket. Stupid parts stores.

I had to buy adjustable radius arms, and an adjustable track bar to get my front axle back into spec. With the leveling kit it threw the castor way out of adjustment, and the axle wasn't centered. So that was MORE money out of my pocket. So all of the above took about 3K out of my hobby funds.

Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Automotive tire

So, there is something to at least talk about LOL

I have about another week or two of the 6/7 10 hour weeks, and then I have some stuff to do around the house (Honey-Do list) and I can get back on track with this Dump. I have stuff Id like to do with the truck. Like hauling dirt and stone, and firewood. I have a garage to build damnit lol
So since everything got flooded yesterday, I have off till Tuesday!

So I started working on the dump again. I welded on 4 D-Rings to the cab protector. I figure if I do put anything up there I can use them to strap down with later on, but the real reason was to remove the cab protector.

Vehicle Automotive exterior Mode of transport Motor vehicle Hood

Motor vehicle Wood Automotive design Bumper Automotive exterior

Wood Building Beam House Floor

Motor vehicle Interior design Automotive exterior Vehicle Vehicle door

And its off!

I cut out 5.25" Itll put the Protector about 3" above the cab lights, which I feel is enough room. I don't want them too close to it just incase the cab protector decides to flex for some reason. Its better than the huge gap it had.

Stopped for lunch now, and gonna try and get it back on tonight!

Tire Wheel Cloud Sky Plant

Gotta finish welding it up, but out of time for today. I was jumping on it, and I weigh 230 pounds. So Id say its good lol

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Didn't get the towers cut down today. But I finished welding up the cab protector and got the fuel fill ers mounted up.

I have to cut them off outside and it was 88° here and HUMID so I wasn't going to sweat my butt off in the sun doing that. It'll have to wait.

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Vehicle Motor vehicle

Tire Wheel Vehicle Automotive tire Tread

Wheel Tire Vehicle Sky Motor vehicle

Tire Wheel Motor vehicle Automotive tire Vehicle

I don't think it looks too bad. They are very sturdy and nothing interferes with the filler hoses or holders.
Got some more stuff done today!

Wheel Tire Automotive parking light Vehicle Plant
Wheel Tire Sky Cloud Vehicle
Automotive parking light Automotive side marker light Plant Vehicle Car

Got the towers cut down. Welded up some more holes I found. I also primed the stone guards and moved the exhaust forward a bit.

Next weekend the bed gets painted.... Hopefully that goes well. lol

I have to drill the 6 holes for lights and wiring yet, and that will be it before paint

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Some photos from today....

Aircraft Motor vehicle Vehicle Window Aerospace manufacturer
Motor vehicle Vehicle Bumper Automotive exterior Gas
Property Tire Vehicle Automotive tire Automotive design
Automotive exterior Wood Gas Composite material Glass

Filled all the pits and low spots and shot primer over it all. It'll get color tomorrow morning!
Got the bed painted yesterday. A buddy of mine was in from out of town, who is a painter and helped me with everything.

The bed isn't perfect, but its hard to make it perfect since it is used, and almost 10 years old. So its got some waves to it, but It looks good!

Blue Azure Line Wood Gas
Atmosphere Sky Blue Azure Astronomical object
Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Sky
Tire Wheel Automotive parking light Automotive side marker light Land vehicle

Going to paint the cab the same color as the bed, which is Royal Blue Metallic. A Factory ford color for that era.

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My buffer came today

Pneumatic tool Tool Handheld power drill Automotive tire Automotive wheel system

But I have to work Monday. So no go on the wet sanding on the bed.

I did pick up a hood today for 45 bucks. 1 dent in it. And its newer too. Aftermarket replacement. A CAPA replacement was 227!

2 new fenders are slated for the dump as well. CAPA replacements.

I have two power doors and correct wiring.

Also ordered power and heated mirrors for the dump as well. Maybe I'll get some work done this winter.
Started to wet sand some rough areas on the bed.

Automotive tire Automotive lighting Synthetic rubber Blue Azure

Also started to install lights and start building the wiring harnesses.

I found a broken wire RIGHT beside the plug. Thankfully I have a hoard of plugs and pins, so I just replaced the whole section of wire with a new pin, and wire end.

Wheel Tire Vehicle Automotive tire Plant

Tire Automotive lighting Automotive tire Wheel Plant

I really like how these lights look in the bed
Wheel Tire Automotive parking light Vehicle Automotive tire

All the lights are in and working.

I'm pleased with the color.

I'm glad you guys enjoy following the build!

Only issue with the lights is. The tail lights are on when the truck is running. And when I say on. I mean very very dim. Maybe 30-40% of running light brightness. Its odd. Everything works right though lol
Some more photos of the lights.

I replaced the turn signal stalk with one I had laying about for now, the old one was shot totally.

And I replaced the turn signal flasher because the old one didn't work. The lights flash like normal!

Tire Plant Wheel Vehicle Motor vehicle

Automotive lighting Hood Grille Automotive tire Motor vehicle

Tire Wheel Vehicle Plant Automotive tire

I really need to order the fenders so I can get to painting this thing!

However, rain is in the forecast tomorrow so if I get rained out of work, I am heading to the salvage yard for a wiper cowl, and tilt steering column.
Hm. I'll fix the photo.

Wheel Vehicle Automotive tire Tire Motor vehicle

Anyway. I decided to use a pair of fenders I had for the truck.

Oddly enough all the parts I'm putting on the truck are royal blue metallic. Just the cowl panel is red. So I only need do the cab door jambs in blue! I'll have to spray all the parts so they all match but all the inside parts will match. Which is good.

Mirrors will be here Tuesday. And I have an idea up my sleeve for making the wing window dissapear without doing it like everyone else does...

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Okay, time for better photos lol

Lights off
Tire Wheel Building Vehicle Motor vehicle

Automotive parking light Tire Vehicle Wheel Automotive lighting

Brake Lights
Automotive parking light Automotive tail & brake light Vehicle Car Automotive lighting

Reverse Lights
Tire Automotive parking light Wheel Vehicle Automotive lighting
Also ripped the interior out. Anyone want a tan interior?

Vehicle Window Car Hood Motor vehicle

You can see the tilt column on the seat haha

I had to heat the **** out of the seat belt bolt retainer things. They aren't nuts, but rather blocks of steel with threads in them. The seat belt bolts came out with some interesting noises. I wont be using them over...

I got the drivers door harness all tidied up. Had to put the power mirror harness in it. I should have ran the heat wires too. Maybe ill do that tomorrow.

Either way, I have something up my sleeve for the mirror install. Youll all be interested IF It works.
Tire Wheel Automotive side marker light Automotive parking light Land vehicle

Thank you.

Got one mirror on. The wing window is still fully functional. And the blind spot is extremely minimal.

The mirror is much more useful extended. With it unextended it looks almost at the front of the box. Extended I can see all the way down. They don't stick out farther than the factory mirrors either.

Overall. I'm happy I'm sure some will complain and say wtf. But I had to buy all new mirrors no matter what. And replace both doors. So why not upgrade.
I levelled up a mirror today. And picked up a set of factory running boards for it. I have to rebuild the structure of them though

Wheel Tire Automotive parking light Automotive side marker light Vehicle
My S&B intake came today

Rectangle Font Gas Signage Electric blue

Its a 270 dollar intake that I got for 100 bucks brand new. Couldn't pass that up!

Tomorrow I have to winterize my silver PSD tomorrow so if there is time. I'll work on the dump
I actually sold the original doors off this truck today. Score!

Here is a front view

Automotive parking light Automotive side marker light Tire Vehicle Hood

I have a continuity issue in the door locks so I need to figure that out. But the windows work. Still need to figure out the power mirror and heated mirror wiring

I have work for the next two weeks so progress is slow again

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Wired up the mirrors today.

Hood Automotive lighting Automotive tire Motor vehicle Vehicle door

Vehicle Fixture Automotive tire Automotive exterior Car

Cant even tell theres wires coming in lol

The mirrors work as they should, and work correctly with the trucks controller.

I made a brace for the door today, but will be doing some more bracing just because I want to.

I don't have any direct photos of the plates, but you can see what I did.

Motor vehicle Automotive lighting Hood Automotive design Automotive mirror

Hood Vehicle Automotive mirror Window Motor vehicle
Found this on craigslist for a steal. So now its mine. And going on the dump lol

Kitchen appliance Fixture Gas Boiler Major appliance
Well, I had time this week, so I Prepped the cab and painted it. Everyone keeps telling me I should have painted the truck whole, but nothing else is ready, AND, its getting cold out. I pulled the truck in when it was 65* and it dropped into the low 40's that night so I couldn't wait any longer.

Anyway, The cab got prepped, and I painted it yesterday. Not bad for my first time.

Automotive parking light Automotive side marker light Tire Wheel Vehicle

Tarpaulin Hood Tent Motor vehicle Automotive lighting
The sealer on the one side of the cab ran on me, and I THOUGHT it was dry, but it wasn't, and it led to a problem...

Automotive lighting Sleeve Automotive tire Wood Vehicle door

Luckily I was able to remedy the problem, and you cant even tell.

Hood Automotive lighting Automotive tire Automotive design Vehicle door

Don't mind the dent. I may go back and fix it later on, but not right now. lol

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Some more photos of the truck.

Vehicle Window Motor vehicle Hood Automotive lighting

Put a solid window in.

Vehicle Motor vehicle Hood Automotive tire Car

Paint matches pretty good!

Automotive parking light Automotive lighting Hood Motor vehicle Light

And why I did smoked cab lights

I have to change the HPOP on my silver PSD tomorrow and then I can start doing the body work to the doors on Friday or Monday and hopefully have everything painted by the end of next week.
Thank ya!

I redid the door brace inside

Hood Automotive lighting Automotive tire Tire Motor vehicle

Added a 1" wide by 1/4" thick piece of steel outside for structure.

Fluid Liquid Bumper Fixture Gas

And how it looks outside now.

Wood Automotive exterior Tints and shades Space Freezing

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Steps on
Wheel Tire Sky Vehicle Cloud

Welded up the holes, and made a beauty ring to use as a backer for fiberglass work.
Motor vehicle Automotive lighting Automotive tire Hood Bumper

Filled, and primed.
Tire Wheel Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive tire

And the quad pod.
Automotive tire Flooring Wood Floor Gas
Oh, and the S&B

Hood Vehicle Motor vehicle Car Automotive design
Ive been working on this from time to time. I have had some 4x4 issues in my 95 PSD Truck.

So some recent progress.

Blended one door in.
Vehicle Motor vehicle Window Hood Car

I have been working on repairing the fiberglass step for the drivers side.

And I also installed the 6 position chip in the truck.

I got most of the EATC Harness complete as well.
Shockingly, this truck is fairly clean. For being a 189,000 mile work truck.

Brown Motor vehicle Gas Machine Auto part

The Core Support is all there, and none of the bolts broke getting the inner fender out!

Motor vehicle Automotive tire Vehicle Tread Automotive exterior

that black crap is undercoating.

For anyone who hasn't been around an F-SD, they are stout for sure. Cast Iron leaf perches.
Motor vehicle Wood Bumper Helmet Automotive exterior

Large Brakes on all 4 corners, same Rotor and Caliper front and rear.
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Locking hubs Vehicle brake Rim

Stud to Stud, is 7.25" to give you relation to size.

Also the Wheel Mounting Surface (WMS) to WMS is 78"

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I haven't posted many photos lately.

so here are some new ones.

Wheel Tire Sky Vehicle Window

Tire Wheel Vehicle Automotive tire Motor vehicle

Tire Automotive parking light Wheel Automotive side marker light Vehicle

Automotive parking light Automotive side marker light Vehicle Vehicle registration plate Tire
Had some time to work on the dump.

Ripped out the old dash and 2nd steering column I installed. Some progress photos...

Motor vehicle Vehicle Car Hood Vehicle door

Hood Automotive tire Motor vehicle Vehicle Bumper

Car Vehicle Motor vehicle Speedometer Steering part

Mostly complete. Power door harness is in. Eatc harness is in. Changed the column to a nom broken one. Cleaned everything.... I love the grey so much more lol

Had some issues with all the recent snow. Down time on the plow. The 96 kept kicking my butt. Then my other 95 needed an HPOP and starter.....

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More progress. Installed the interior. Need to get another headliner. The one I had got destroyed somehow...

Anyway, all the plastics are in, back wall carpet is in.
Vehicle Car Speedometer Motor vehicle Steering wheel

Vehicle Car Window Motor vehicle Hood

I also got the EATC in and working. I still need to install the few sensors and new blower motor for it to work properly. I also have the new clock spring wired up for the super duty steering wheel with radio and have controls. I tested it and it does work.
Plant Vehicle Gas Steering part Machine

Vehicle Motor vehicle Vehicle audio Steering part Personal luxury car

I plan on getting a new headliner tomorrow... Installing it and finish cleaning the dash up. I'm working on getting the interior done and in while we're having these bitter cold spells. Can't paint in this weather.
Window Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Mode of transport Vehicle

Headliner and dome light...
Okay, got some photos on the computer.

Blower Motor Nest
Membranophone Musical instrument Jaw Natural material Wood

Fresh Air/Recirculate Air blend door.
Tire Wheel Automotive tire Motor vehicle Tread

AC condenser Core
Hood Motor vehicle Gas Automotive exterior Auto part

All the black is Pee and poop blah.
Food Recipe Ingredient Gas Cooking

But, its all clean now, and working properly!

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More Climate control install photos...

Sunload Sensor
Vehicle Car Hood Motor vehicle Automotive design

Blower Motor Controller.
Motor vehicle Automotive tire Bumper Automotive exterior Gas

Also got the "new" steering wheel in. Its from my 95 PSD. I put an actual NEW one in it, identical, but new lol
Car Vehicle Window Motor vehicle Steering wheel

Also put all new bulbs in the instrument cluster, and cleaned it.
Got the seatbelts and rear speakers in.
Motor vehicle Car Vehicle Vehicle door Automotive exterior

Car Window Motor vehicle Vehicle Fixture

Also got a different pair of steps, and put them on.
Wheel Tire Vehicle Automotive parking light Car

Wheel Tire Vehicle Hood Automotive tire

Had to get some parts out of the garage so I had some room for the 460.
Well..... Had some time today, and figured it was a great time to do it, since it was 65* today!

Got the old vinyl floor out of the truck, and bench.... Washed the floor and degreased it. then...

Car Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive tire Trunk
Car Vehicle Window Motor vehicle Car seat cover
Car Vehicle Motor vehicle Window Car seat cover

I also put the kick panels in, and the door sill plates, and the rocker panel protectors.

The center seat isnt in because well, I grabbed the wrong one at my house. I grabbed the one for the supercab, and not for the regular cab. OOPS.

Thatll go in after this snow storm were supposed to get tomorrow.

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Vehicle Plant Car Steering wheel Automotive tire

Im also back to work, so progress will be slow again :(
Had some time this week to work on the F-SD.

I tore the seat out of it because it smelled like cat piss. Got most of that smell out, just gotta put it back in now.

AND, I finished up the body work on both doors. They just need minor touching up when I go to paint them.

Vehicle Motor vehicle Hood Fixture Car

Automotive lighting Hood Vehicle Automotive tire Motor vehicle

Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Automotive design Hood

HOPEFULLY I can get to the "new" fenders and other panels this week, and get to painting possibly.
I noticed on that post LOL.

I got the heated mirror switch hooked up, and mounted.

Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive design Camera accessory Rim

Ironically, its out of a Mitsubishi Galant. I had to replace a bulb in the switch, but it illuminates green when the lights are on, then illuminates orange when the button is pressed. It took some thinking, and pondering to get it working right. I dont know what those Japanese guys were thinking when they wired this stuff....

The ground on the switch, is the ground for the relay, and the power for the ORANGE illumination is powered via the relay, which splits off to power the mirror elements as well....

So, the switch and the relay must work together, and cant function without each other.... But I got it figured out, and mounted.
Got a little wiring done today.

Heated mirrors totally hooked up and working.

Mirrors OFF
Vehicle Car Fixture Material property Personal luxury car

Lights ON, Mirrors OFF
Car Fixture Automotive design Vehicle Personal luxury car

Lights ON, or OFF, Mirrors ON.
Car Fixture Steering part Personal luxury car Automotive design

Also got the deluxe mirrors powered up.

Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive lighting Automotive mirror Automotive exterior

I picked up a new (to me) Front bumper, Radiator, overflow and washer bottle to convert the whole radiator over to the newer style.

I also have to replace the oil cooler O-Rings, they are leaking pretty bad. So I will do the Radiator and Cooler at the same time since it drains ALL of the coolant and oil... lol

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Small, dumb, update. lol

460 went into the F350, and back out, then to the machine shop. SOMETHING isn't happy….

ANYWAY, I took the dump down the road today to put fuel in it. FIRST TIME Ive put diesel in it, since I've owned it. (2 years now).

The transmission wasn't happy, and took a little bit to go through the gears, and WOW does it smoke. Lots of bluish unburnt diesel smoke.

looks like the injectors will be coming out at some point lol

Tire Wheel Vehicle Automotive tire Motor vehicle
Well. I was thumbing through this thread today and found that a GOOD BIT of my photos are missing. NOT sure what happened there, so I saved the ones that are currently there to the computer, and I will try and fix all the broken photo links for anyone that hasn't seen them.

Not too many updates here since I had been swamped with getting my F350 done, and now I have a whole other list of crap to do….

The next step for the truck is paint. I am going to try and have the rest of the truck in paint before the end of the year. hopefully that is possible….

I did however manage to track down some new wheels for the truck, and thankfully I had some contacts find them for me, and pick them up for me. Since they are 3000 miles away!

They need cleaned badly, but they aren't easy to find!

Aluminum Alcoa wheels…

Wheel Automotive tire Alloy wheel Hubcap Rim

Thats probably the nicest one out of the 4 lol
Got TWO of my F-SD wheels today.
Automotive tire Wheel Rim Composite material Gas

Tried them on for size...

Tire Wheel Car Automotive parking light Vehicle

Wheel Tire Vehicle Automotive tire Automotive parking light
Decided to do a little buffing.
Wheel Automotive tire Hubcap Locking hubs Alloy wheel

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Motor vehicle Alloy wheel

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Tread Motor vehicle

Automotive tire Rim Wood Bicycle part Wheel

They will clean up good… The one has that gouge in it. :/

But At this point, they are going to goto a guy that will cut them, and polish them for $40 a wheel.

So, I will have LIKE new wheels by the time I am done. lol

The other two will be here tomorrow.
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