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Our back blades are built for the serious snow plow contractor. They have been built for over 10 yrs and have withstood the harsh West Michigan winters. Some of the features include easy mounting, forward cutting edge to roll the snow instead of just pulling, powder coated for durability, hydraulic down pressure, wireless remote, everything is self contained and nothing in the rear of the truck, marine style gel battery for reliability, and halogen lights for visibility. Call 616.842.0009 or see our website at for more details.
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Site needs to give more detail on the dosent even list what sizes you offer, how much they weigh, what kind of cutting edges, etc....can you give us some general specs? how about some general pricing?

Eblings dont have a trip edge?, my Daniels dosent have a trip edge (but I'm running urethane) they seem to both work good for guys?
There is pressure relief via hydraulic pump system.
*We offer our standard 8' and then our expandable 8'-11'.
*Approx. weight of the blade is 900 lbs.
*Steel cutting edge. Polymer will be available next season.
*Retail now is $5975.00. Current special $500 off if blade is ordered by Nov. 1st.
I drive past ASI several times a week, might just have to take a few minutes and stop in to check them out one day.

Adv, who do i ask for if i stop by?
Hey Crash935,

Just ask for Ed or Dave. Just a FYI we are moving into Spring Lake in about three weeks. Going from 7000 square foot to 21000 square building.
Moving up off Grand Haven Road i take it? That would be better, im up and down that road more than im on the south end of GH.
Do you make the back blade for a JD tractor 5063
We are moving onto Apple Drive. Two buidings down from Alcoa.
We can fabricate mounts to any tractor, truck, or loader. The custom mount would be an extra $200.00 for your JD

Do you have dealers or are they sold out of your shop? Get some video up on the web site. I have seen a video on youtube, but not actual plowing video.
We currently do both until we feel we have a strong enough dealer/distributor base. We would prefer not to do any installs out of our location but a dealer/distributor has to put forth effort also. Videos will come soon. We need some snow to be able to take some more video. We update the website daily.
Adv Seasonal;841636 said:
We are moving onto Apple Drive. Two buidings down from Alcoa.
Welcome to the neighborhood.
Your almost next door to me :cool:, Walking distance in 4 ft of snow.xysport
We are going to start moving the plant this week.In month or so we are going to have a open house. We will let everyone know. Maybe we will meet you there?:waving:
And its been just my luck that they have been keeping me up in Muskegon!!!
Within the next two weeks we should be completely moved in. Stop by and introduce yourself.
Stopped by the new shop on thursday, couple of guys there just moving stuff. Went by the old shop today and it looked like you pretty much had it cleaned out. Ill give you a little time to get settled in and then swing in one day.
Hey Crash935,

Long days but we are almost their. Offices are open as of Monday. The tanks and mixers will be move on Wednesday and we will be producing our Liquid Snow Shovel product by Friday. See you then


What happens (God forbid) that after a winter of plowing with this plow I'm pulling my trailer and something fails on the trailer hitch and my trailer injures or kills someone?

What happens when the wing is extended and it gets tweaked and won't retract?
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