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Problems/Questions with New 8.6 V

Discussion in 'Western Plows Discussion' started by krewzlo, Dec 3, 2007.

  1. krewzlo

    krewzlo Junior Member
    Messages: 5

    I just put a poly 8'6" V on my 07 New body style Chevy Crew cab Diesel. I like some of the features but some I hate. Before this truck I had a 95 Chevy with a old boss V.

    First problem, the plow doesn't lift much at all, yes the stacking stops are removed. The cylinder goes all the way up and down. I adjusted the chains per manual but also doesn't go down much while in float position over uneven terrain. While up and in V position the ends of the blade are less than 3" off the pavement. I have to drive with it straight so it doesn't drag on the road. If there is more than an inch or 2 of snow it is plowing the road while driving, and with more snow it is impossible to see with all the snow coming off the blade. My dealer says this is normal, anyone else experience this? Any fixes for it? Remounting the chains closer to the pivot point would help but also put more strain on everything.

    2nd concern, is there any way to rewire solenoids so that you can angle from anywhere except straight position? It drives me nuts not being able to go from scoop to angle without pushing the wing button twice, should be able to just use the angle button. They use 8 buttons that could be done with 6.

    On my truck the mounts are so low to the ground I get hung up on everything, I put timbrens on it, helped a little but not enough, what does anyone else do? I tried cranking up the torsions but was so stiff when plow was off that it was unbearable. Plus I don't like the thought of it being misaligned when the plow is off.

    Thanks in advance for any help
  2. Yamahaluv

    Yamahaluv Junior Member
    Messages: 14

    i have the same problem with the plow being low to the ground while at full V. I just take it a couple inches off of full v and i have plenty of clearance.

    Also while in scoop then pressing one of the wing buttons will bring either side down to your angled position. I dont see where that is pressing too many buttons.

    With your truck mounts being to low, i dont know which other types of plows or mounts will be any higher. A possible solution would be bigger tires. I dont know because i have not used any other brand of plow.
  3. krewzlo

    krewzlo Junior Member
    Messages: 5

    Yeah I do put the wings out some to drive but even at straight position with 6 inches of snow on the road all it does is throw snow on the window. Its actually better if I V it then at least it throws it to the sides. I have a feeling that some of it is mount and what not being so low that it is throwing the snow up as well.

    On mine I have to hit the wing button twice while in scoop to get it to angle. Just one more button to find while plowing through tight spots. Just going to take some getting used to.

    FSUPERDUTY Senior Member
    Messages: 312

    I have the same feelings after coming from a Boss for the last 5 years.The plow is real nice but I just don't like the controls.I have the joystick and it is to easy to end up making it do something you don't want it too! I hope i can get used to it or its going to be a long winter!
  5. michaelt1323

    michaelt1323 Junior Member
    Messages: 13

    I got my 8'6" Poly V Plow last year. It's mounted on a 2005 Chevy 2500 HD Diesel extened cab short bed. I had to put Timbrens under the front and I also turned my torsion bars 4 1/2 turns. That helped the front suspension considerably. It leveled the nose without the plow on, and I like the "lifted" look. With the plow on I find it very hard to turn the steering unless I am moving. My solution was to take some steel plates and put 450lbs behind each rear wheel (900lbs total) Doing this countered the front end weight of the plow. The poly plow is heavier than the steel plow due to all the extra bracing Western builds into it. With the Diesel engine option your front end gross weight is lower than a gas motor. I think it's around 350lbs difference? If you go onto Fisher's web site and enter the information about your vehicle their calculator will tell you that you can't use the V-plow because it's to heavy. I don't know if you have counter weight mounted in the bed behind the wheels, if not perhaps you should try some. As to the edges hitting the ground while in the V position, I believe all Western V blades will hit the corners while driving. I bring my edges forward about 8 inches from full V and I rarely touch. I also put the Western rubber deflectors on my plow which reduced 85% of the snow coming over the plow. The "fish-stick" control on my setup only needs to be pressed once in the direction for it to move. It took me two events last year to become one with the controller, but now I have no worries when using it. Just need to be careful and think as you move the blades. Tough to do after 24 hours of plowing in one day but you have to do what you have to do. I hope this helps a little. Good luck and safe plowing!

    Messages: 92

    Quick question I have been using sand bags for ballast what a pain!! How did you attach the steel plates in your bed? I think this would be a great idea. With the sand bags the bed is full. They if you need to use it no room.
  7. niederhauser la

    niederhauser la Member
    from Utah
    Messages: 79

    What model of Chevy is it 1500 2500 3500? Thats the bad thing about the chevys you can't add a leaf or a leveling kit with the IFS. Western mounts are usually the best for ground clearance... you really shouldnt have a issue. Boss mounts hang a lot lower. My quess is that your truck sags a lot with the plow up and thats why your plow is hanging so low.

    Messages: 92

    It is a 03 2500HD. I have Timbrens and the torsion bars turned up. I just need ballast to keep from sliding. The sand works just takes up to much room. The steel plates soud like a good idea and would not take my bed space.
  9. scottL

    scottL PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,613

    I use water softner salt and then carry them to my softener in the spring - much nicer. Steel plates how to lift them and store them.
  10. scottL

    scottL PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,613

    I have the same complaint of the height. In full Vee - it's only 5" above ground at the far edges. On the other side I do not drive like that. I have the blade flat and angled for driving but, still it's only 11" off the ground. ugh - low ( my old plow was a snow way - it lifted high and low no worries. This one I'm still trying to figure out were to put the damn chains. To tight and I loose the float to loose and I have no height - that part sucks and it does not stack as high as my old one ).
  11. The mayor

    The mayor Senior Member
    Messages: 272

    I have the same problem. I am catching myself using my old unimount more often just because it raises better and it will stack the snow better. Not saying the mvp is junk, just wish I could get more lift from it.
  12. Bobby Blaze

    Bobby Blaze Member
    Messages: 92

    I used mine for the first time the other night overall I think it does a pretty good job scraping but I have the same problem with low clearance I wish it would lift as high as my 8 ft straight ultra I put in 500lbs of ballast and it helped a little. I have mine installed on an 08 dodge laramie with the snowcheif package so the truck sits a little higher than the gm but still problems.
  13. michaelt1323

    michaelt1323 Junior Member
    Messages: 13

    I have a machine shop and we ordered mat'l for bolsters on a press we were building. The customer canceled the order so I was left with about 50 plates of steel. I took 12 plates and welded them together to create a block about 12"wide x 24"long x 12" high. I put the 24" long ways in the bed behind the wheels. Pretty much gives me 48" across, same as the wheel wells. I used two ratchet straps, one end hooked to the loop at the back of the bed behind the block of steel, wrapped around the block to the front loop. Tightened the ratchet just enough to hold them in place and I left them there all winter. I welded a piece of round tubing cut 1" wide to the top of both blocks and used a chain on my fork lift to put them in the bed of my truck. At the end of winter, I used an engine crane to put them in the storage shed with my plow and spreader. Very simple to move and store if you have the engine crane. You can make a quick gantry crane with wood and rope that will lift the blocks in and out if you wanted. You can call a local steel supply house to get costs on mat'l and have them weld a loop on the top to move it around. I have mat'l here and could do the same thing and ship it freight to you if you wanted to. You would just have to pay for the steel and shipping.
    The stacking issue everyone seems to agree on wasn't a problem for me last year. I was stacking the entire lot into the low corner of the property. The pile when finished was above my roof and about 8 feet front to back and about 20 feet across. That was just one of my lots. I thought that was a pretty Stout task. I just wish I took pictures to prove it as I know many will question it. I had plowed most of the lot using a slight V to move the majority of the snow. When I pushed it into the pile I used the full V and just drove in and the pile went up. 4 wheel drive was active and I have a posi rear, so I have a true 4 wheel drive, not just one rear and front tire turning. Perhaps the extra weight and the Duramax power was the reason? I am very happy with my V plow, just wish I could use it more. If you need more information I will try to help. Best wishes.