Problem with Western ProFlo 2

Lawn Lad

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The variable speed controller has been switching over to the red light indicating an overload on the spreader. This comes and goes. This morning the 30 amp fuse blew when the spreader was under load.

The motor has been running but the spinner and belt gets hung up as if it's binding. There are no obstructions. The spreader will work when full, but then will stop working (controller showing red light/overload) when it's half full. So weight doesn't appear to be an issue.

The only other thing I can think of are some bearings that we didn't grease adequately or perhaps we missed a fitting all together. But that isn't apparent.

Yesterday when it stopped running we emptied it out and then hosed it down to get rid of the Magic Salt residue, thinking this might have something to do with it.

Any suggestions on what to look at? What causes these spreaders to hang up and stop operating when under load?

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"The motor has been running but the spinner and belt gets hung up as if it's binding."

I recently dealt with this. Check that the belt tensions are correct. Make sure the motor bolts are tight & correct, not crooked. I'm not sure what its called, but the large pulley is set up to "slip" when it feels a bind, to avoid burning up the motor I would assume. Check that the adjusting bolt on that is correct.

I don't have a variable control, its a single speed. The reason I have that one is the dealer told me he saw many variable speed controllers in his shop for repairs. Maybe your controller has a problem also? The problems I had never caused the fuse to blow or the red light to come on.

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I'm not sure what the problem could be but my Fisher speed cast2 same as yours except in color has given me no trouble in over 2 years of service. Do you always take the start switch to the burst position when you start it? Mine will sometimes show the red light if I don't do that. Hope that Helps.


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Mine did the same thing right before the motor stopped working completely. Had it replaced, and its been smooth salting ever since. I was told that these motors go bad pretty often (Every couple of years).
Also, check the belt tensioner wheel bearing (Plastic on outside with steel insert). Mine rusted and stopped spinning. Creating rear of belt to burn accross bearing.


Jerre Heyer

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Have seen this problem with several western/fisher plows over the last few years. Most have had a bad ground. Either the bolt used for the connection was loose or corroded or the ground was poor from the frame of the truck to the battery. This caused excessive amp draw and burnt out the motor.

We have run the ground all the way from the spreader to the battery and eliminated the problem. #10 or #8 wire.

If the controller is already showing overload as already posted the motor may be starting to go bad. As it heats up it draws more load and then pops the controller.

You may get lucky and only have a bad set of brushes or corrosion in the motor.


Lawn Lad

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Thank you all for your replies. Starting taking the spreader apart last night after talking with the folks up at Western. Nice people. At any rate, he told me to check the motor bearings or maybe a brush was hanging up and we had bad contact.

So, we started at the top taking it apart and working every moving part. One we got to the bearings on the spinner shaft we began to suspect our problem. Took it the dealer today and wallah, he tells us every bearing on the unit is frozen or nearly frozen. Four on the conveyor, two on the spindle shaft and the idler tension pulley (which has no zirk fitting).

So, lesson learned. Even when you think you're greasing something, double check because the grease may not be making it in "there". I think also at the end of this season I'll take everything apart, clean it up and grease before the summer time.