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Problem with another PS user. What should I do?

Discussion in 'Fisher Engineering Discussion' started by sn95vert, Nov 1, 2011.

  1. sn95vert

    sn95vert Senior Member
    Messages: 147

    So heres the deal. Some of you guys may know I did conversion to my plow this year and bought brand new stuff. I decided instead of keeping it to have as a back up if I get another plow, I would put it on here to sell. So I put my pump, cylinders, and wiring up for sale. Now before I bought the plow, I had the guy hook everything up to his truck to see if everything worked... Great! sucess! (borat voice)

    A guy from NH messages me and ask if I would take 350 shipped to him. I agreed, packaged it, and sent it on its way (2nd day air). Gave him the tracking number and thought that would be the end of it.. I get a call from him 2 days later saying the package went to NJ and is being sent back to the sender. get the package the next day and send it out that same day. The next day, I get a call from the guy. He received the pump but for whatever reason, a piece of the motor broke off. (pic below)

    He says a new motor will cost 150 plus 40 for a bracket. He wants me send him back $150 so he could replace the pump. Me being the nice guy i am, i agree. I get a call from him yesterday asking why he never received anything yet. So I tell him, Almost the whole state is without power, no one is open, not even the post office. He tells me hes going to contact paypal and see if he could get refunded from them. I tell the guy, If you want for your trouble, I send 200 when I can.. He declines and starts talking about how difficult it is to drop a check off in a mailbox... So I tell him, How can I send something if the closest post office thats open is 15 miles away. so we continue talking and hes getting me upset where I tell him, Im just going to send the 350 back, have him keep whatever i "sold" him and call it a day.. He declines and said he only wants the 150. I talk to a couple people and they say I shouldn't give him anything back because it was sold as is. . So now im in the position where I dont know If should send the $150, $350, or just call my attorney and see what he says.

    I knew I shouldn't have sold it in the first place. FML! :mad:
  2. sn95vert

    sn95vert Senior Member
    Messages: 147

  3. erkoehler

    erkoehler PlowSite Veteran
    Messages: 3,279

    He should have got insurance on the shipping. Your going above and beyond by offering anything back.

    With that said, we've only heard one side of the story.
  4. kimber750

    kimber750 PlowSite Veteran
    Messages: 4,676

    Was it broken when you shipped it? If not he should be dealing with the shipping company, not you. I have shipped a lot of items over the years and it is amazing how many items get broken or even stolen.

    Paypal can be a pain to deal with since they seem to be more "buyer" friendly. But I wouldn't give him anything back. How do really know what happened after you dropped it off?
  5. buddymanzpop

    buddymanzpop Senior Member
    Messages: 603

    A brand new aftermarket motor for those SEHP pumps can be bought and shipped for under $100 so split the difference and send him $50, if he doesn't like that have him ship the whole system back. What bracket does he need for $40? That mounting flange is part of the motor.
  6. plowguy43

    plowguy43 PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 5,281

    I agree, anything broken in transit is on the shipping company not you. Depending on who you shipped it with, I believe they default to a $100 max on the item. I'd tell him to pound sand, and Paypal won't side with him if it was damaged during shipment either.

    THEGOLDPRO PlowSite Veteran
    Messages: 3,136

    Did you show him a pic before it was shipped of what he was buying? if he saw the pics and was happy with them then its on him. If you shipped it in the condition you described as a working not broken item, and it was somehow damaged during shipping then he needs to get with the shipping company and put a claim in.
  8. sn95vert

    sn95vert Senior Member
    Messages: 147

    I honestly have no idea if it was broken or not.. Like i said, when i first bought the plow, i had the guy test it, everything worked, so even if it was broken when i bought it, it worked. Plus it was a refurbished motor. it wasnt even a oem fisher. looked on centralparts.com they have it for $98

    Heres the kicker.. My company has ups deliveries and I sometimes use it and they dont really care. The buyer asked if i could put stuff in the box so nothing gets damaged.I agreed..
    I didnt have bubble wrap or anything like that so i balled up some thick shop rags, put some on the bottem, the top, and in between the lift cylinder so it wouldnt get damaged. sure enough.

    The once i told my boss about this, he kind of flipped out but he understood my side of the story. my company was SOLD as of Monday 10/31 to another company so I can no ship anything at my leisure.

    heres what it looked like when i bought it.. cant see the whole thing but this is it.


  9. sn95vert

    sn95vert Senior Member
    Messages: 147

    talked to him a little while ago.. we agreed id send him back $100 and wed never speak again.
  10. plowguy43

    plowguy43 PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 5,281

    He's lucky, i wouldn't have done that.
  11. sn95vert

    sn95vert Senior Member
    Messages: 147

    It's whatever.. I just hate dealing with sh*t like this... I dont think ill ever sell anything if i have to ship it.. its not worth it.
  12. coldcoffee

    coldcoffee Senior Member
    Messages: 776

    Most of the time when I sell on ebay, I either include insurance or make it a requirement if they buy my item. The buyer is SOL, if they don't & they have a problem. Paypal favors its support to the buyer, so sometimes I only accept certified funds. The item doesn't get delivered until the check clears, even a bank or post office check. So far so good, never had any negative feedback, but I have blocked many buyers from bidding. It pays to check them out before the item sells. If I sell outside of ebay, it's cash, sold as is & pick up only.

    That thing looks like a semi ran over it.
  13. samjr

    samjr Senior Member
    Messages: 481

    Dont say that man

    Just tell ppl insurance that all there is to it .And if they dont want to pay for the insurance NO DEALpayup
  14. Lone136

    Lone136 Senior Member
    Messages: 108

    I sold someone here a new in box controller and when he got it the handle on the controller was broke, He got a new handle for 22 dollars and I did offer to that, but he turned it down saying he got a good deal. The point is. I'm not sure what is the right thing to do..lol