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Pro Wings


When these pro wing are installed, Do the wing curve in or does it still leave the plow blade straight. Reason for asking is that I have to plow up to alot of curbs and don't want the pro wings damaged by the curb. I know the add alot of width but don't know any more. Thanks for all the info


Western CT
The wings actually pitch forward allowing you to capture some of the snow with less spillage. They let you use more of the blade for plowing. You should not damage them if you know where the curbs are. The pro wings have rubber at the bottom,


PlowSite.com Veteran
the rubber helps, but i still bang mine up pretty good i am always looking for that squeege on the curb type action.......so they are clear curb to curb

Big Todd

Senior Member
You'll have to be sort of careful plowing up to curbs, but the rubber edge should flex enough to allow you to do so. One good way to avoid banging up your wings, I've found, is to get a second set of guide sticks and bolt them right to your wings.



2000 Club Member
The wings are pretty light material compared to the plow, so you will bend them if you strike at any speed or with much impact.