John DiMartino Veteran
I just finished installing the pro-wings on one of my 7.5 fishers.They went on easy and fit like they were made by fisher.Now I cant wait to try them.They didn't come with guide sticks,but the ad showed them bolted to the wings,did anyone else get them or do they falsely advertise by showing them and not stating that they aren't included.I called CPW,they told me they were xtra.If I'd had known I'd have ordered them at same time.I think they will hold up fine,but they will break before blade for sure.Thanks to all who recommended them and I want some snow to try 'em out.I need to cut a little time from one big job,and these should do it.What kind of sticks do you have on these? I need some before next storm. <p>----------<br>John D<br>

cutntrim - Veteran
Haven't got any on the wings on our Meyers. Just plow by feel. It'd be easier with guides but they'd probably be prone to snapping off.<p>----------<br>Dave in S.Ontario<br>

YOU WILL LOVE THEM have them on all my plows the edges get bent up quick where the support does not go to but still hold up good, make sure you keep an eye on the bracket that bolts directly to the plow they have a tendancy to loosen also i get about one season out of the rubber on them <br>doug

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