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    Do these really help (Pro-Wings)We have 2 1997 Ford F-350's 4WD both with the Powerstroke diesel motors and both have sanders, 1 we use on condos and nursing homes and do not want the added expense of a bigger plow and with we could push more snow and thought this migh be an alternitive. 2nd I no the more snow you move hurts your truck more but being full of sand would that be to much on the transmission? Thanks for your reply.
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    yes-they are very helpful,if you have alot of heavy snow to push you could take them off(just 3 pins) but I never do.Also if your trucks are automatic I would recomend a trans temp guage to be shure
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    Wings are great. They give you an extra foot or so on each side of the plow. They also give the ability to scoop. As Cut-rite said though you must be careful of the heavy snows that you don't burn out the tranny. They get to be expesive when all you need to do is pull the wings off. When we push large heavy amounts of snow we always use 4 Low and first gear. If we do it for extended amounts of time we'll stop for awhile and drive around letting more air go through the tranny cooler. They are definately worth the $200.
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    May I ask a few questions about these wings?

    Do you need to take them off to stack snow? (i.e. will they take being shoved into a solid snow pile?)

    I have been told that they must be removed when traveling down the road, because they will put your blade over the legal limit of 8' 6" wide. Is this true? Even angled?


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    I am on my 4th storm plowing with my new wings,This last storm dumped 20+ inches on us,I used the wings the whole time,never took them off.I bent one a little on a rock,my own fault,I think they should be one size thicker steel,but I really shouldnt have (tapped) the rock.I used 4 lo for the first time ever this storm,It was doing fine in 4 hi,but the piles were so big i used lo to make it easier on the tranny.I stacked with the wings on too.If they were a little tougher,Id weld'em right on permanent.My blade was 7 1/2- I'm about 9'2" now.I never had any problems pushing with it,even in 15" drifts that were rolling over the plow lights.I had a full sander,only 1 yd,but it was enough.
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    Can these wings fit any plows? I really do not need them on my fords as one is 8ft one is a v and one is 9ft. I am building a toyota as a driveway truck. Would wings mount to a 6.5 blade? If so is it a specific blade brand? I have seen them being used and think that they would work well on a truck like this.
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    We started using them on our F350 this year, mainly because it is a dump and only came with a 8' blade, angled it didn't cover the tracks. My brother ran that trck never took them of said they worked great. I plowed a couple lots with him plow with those will carry, I think 2X the snow than one with out. Windrowing he could an extra 2-3 feet because of the pitch, plow stacked fine with them also. We also have bent one, my brother is a welder at, said he could make a couple sets out of heavier steel, for a lot less than they cost, quickly now that I have a pattern. But they are definatly worth the money, paid for themselves, already.
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    I want a pair of these wings. Where can I get the best price (mail order)? I've seen them in Mill supply for $179. Can I get them cheaper? Where?

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    I've thought about getting some, but I have a few questions too...

    1. How well do they stand up to scraping along curbs?

    2. How easily do they bend? I sometime push snow up over curbs into the grass... and I'm worried if I hit the curb (slowly of course), are they going to break?

    3. Do they even make them for SnoWay plows?


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    $179 is the cheapest that I have seen them. Remember that they are heavy and that shipping could add up.

    I scrape curbs with mine all the time, I just go slow and carefully. They do bend if you hit some thing hard enough but we push snow over curbs all the time with them. They have rubber cutting edges so there is some give if you have the blade angled if you happen to hit one on the curb.

    I have never seen one on a sno-way. I personally would not try it at all on one. You have to drill in to the plow for the mounts and the main retaining stud and I think that if you hit anything you shatter the plow.
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    CCLC, remember... I have the steel one. Besides, the plow frame is actually pretty beefy, I'm fairly sure it could handle the wings.

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    I was thinking of the lexan blade. I'm sure that it would work on the steel one.
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    Here a lot of plower use them. Most of them add hydraulics on it to open and extend the plow up to 12', I saw one oppening 180, Very helpfull for backdragging a driveway. the first 6" need to float in a slot and use spring to keep it on the floor or use a pieces of rubber but you can loose some snow.

    the one are swivell by hand.I weld two brackets in the plow and using a rod to choose between close or 45 degres open. I have no mobile part and rubber so to go easely over the curb, I cut a 45 degree front end. Don't need to raise the plow to go over the curb.

    Save a lot of time and get more contract..$$$
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