Okay, so I understand the benefits of Pro-wings and am pretty sold on putting a pair on my 8' Fisher. My only ? is do they hold up to stacking snow? When I push into a pile won't these things get bent backward? How about if you hit a curb. If they won't hold up it looks like they come off easy enough to remove before you stack, but thats kinda like taking your plow shoes off and putting them on for different jobs. Is it a pain in the neck or am I just that lazy?

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You can leave them on for stacking. They can take a beating pretty well. I bent part of one but in that case it didn't affect it so I haven't even bent that part back. I ripped one rubber piece but they are also replaceable. From my experience thay've handled the abuse well. There are plenty of times where I've got good reasons to take one or both off, but I consider that a good chance to get out of the truck & get a breath of fresh air so its a good reason to not be lazy.

i have had a few sets on trucks all the time rarely take them off , every bit as durable as the plow you put them on(7.5 or 8) the only thing is the rubber gets worn out because of how it mounts so i went to some urethane material and it will last longer because it is more stiff

i also added to the width , my 7.5 now measures 9.5 the urethane can be put out past its holder and it is pretty stout

the wings themselves are pretty thick plate steel

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