Pro-wings- who makes them

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I am trying to do some more research on prowings before I buy them. Does anyone know which company makes them? I want to see them physically and see if they are for me. Does anyone know any distributors in the eastern Mass area?

mine are made by buyers... they are an after market company making a lot of after market parts for plows...i have seen some other designs but i think they were completely homemade

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madison ct
I got Plow-mate wings from J Thomas 1-800-828-7980 $180 a pair and worth it. I have used them 2 yrs and love them
You do have to drill holes in your plow 4 3/8" holes and 1 1-1/4 hole in ea side. Might scare some people. I didn't know at first if I wanted to drill my new plow, a meyer 7.5
but I'm glad I did. The 10" of rubber on ea side let's you
clean to the turf with out sodding-great for circle drives
the type people but plow stakes on inside turns and expect
you not to run them over!

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