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I know the topic has wore out its welcome but i did a search and still have a question,Most guys were running these on western or meyer plows or just said they did or did not like them,has anyone used them on the fisher plows and with what succes?I know some of you have probably written about these 100 times so a short reply would be helpfull! Thanks guys


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wings on a fisher

I have run wings on an 8 foot fisher for several years and I love them. Gotta be mindful they are there and when they need to be removed. For big lots they save alot on the holidays or runoff and in driveways they provive the extra reach needed for those tough corners. As a side note though I am the only guy in town running them!
I run Turkey wings on my Western.....They work great
Love that float feature on them and they will trip along
with the blade. There is also a skid on the bottom too.........

I checked out pro wings and turkeys at the last couple of
BBQs in Poughkeepsie at good old Taconic Maint. Shop!!!!

For the $$$ (read cheap price) they are built pretty stout !
Time will tell !........................................geo

BTW: Lots of snow up here in Central NY.......No starving
to death this year ! Plenty of $$$$ falling out of the sky
for everbody around here everyday.........!

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