Pro Wings and Poly Edge

john r

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For those of you who installed this combination, how did you approach it? Did you mount the poly edge then the Pro wings first or the Pro wings then the poly edge first or both at the same time?
About how many hours of plowing have you done you done after install? Any concerns?

i have had wings on my plows for a few years now but when i got a poly edge i went about it with the edge installed first then i modified the wings to also fit over the edge

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Somerset, NJ
I put about 140+ hours on one plow w\ U-edge and wings (wings were probably on 90% of the time) & around 100 hours on another plow with U-edge & wings (with wings on probably around 70% of the time) last season. No concerns. Actually one concern. The rubber on the wings wears out much faster than the U-edge so this year I've installed Urethane on the wings too. Hopefully I'll get to see how that works out.

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