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Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by TL697, Feb 15, 2008.

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    I have a question about mounting the rubber edge on Pro Wings...

    I put a set on about a month ago, and I put them on as the instructions described w/ the rubber edge overlapping the plow cutting edge just a little...

    It seems that they never stay there, though. They get pushed back behind the edge and usually rip in the process...

    If I were using them strictly for well groomed lots, I might be fine, but some of my lots transition from pavement to gravel and there are definitely some areas of ice, debris, etc...

    I just received (2) new rubber cutting edges, and before I mount them, I wanted everyone's opinions on the best way to mount them...

    I was going to just mount them flat on the Pro Wings pushed tight against the plow edge. I know that they will not be as sturdy and may allow a little blow-by, but it sure beats ripping a new set every storm...
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    Yes. you want them to be able to bend back when hitting something. Most likely cause of tearing them is running along curbs. Also to help them hold their shape, put a couple of extra 3/8in bolts with washers in at the top. I plowed many years with prowings and never ripped any. You just need to be cautious around curbing.
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    It's true. It DOES cause quite a big gap between the wearbar and the flap for stuff to leak out, but you are getting the majority of of it. I just changed one last night, and because there is so much of the new one dragging (as opposed to the lower plow from the worn wearbar). I am going to go out and look at it, because I am thinking that if I cut some of that off the bottom, it will have more rigidity, and not pull out quite so far. Something just doesn't seem right, because I never had that much gap before, but I only changed them with a brand new wearbar. All I did this time, was just line up the holes to the top of the new pad, so I am actually mounting it with the same depth it had for a whole new wearbar.
    There was someone on here that posted a pic a short while back tha cut a grove in hi to wrap around the wearbar a bit. I will try to find it.
    Here's the thread.
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    I mounted my rubber in front of my cutting edge and the curb side piece would always bend back behind the cutting edge too. So I noticed that the angle of the wing was a little off in comparison to the other, I remounted the wing and haven't had a issue with either bending back in the last two storms. But I also think being more cautious around curbs is the most important thing.