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I have a new (2 seasons)Western standard plow and am thoroughly disgusted with it's frame durability. So far I bent 2 a frames and one quadrant.(no I dont plow like an animal). I'm plowing 7 years and never had such a bad experience with a plow. I'm considering switching to a western pro (western has the best service around here).Is the pro frame significantly stronger steel ? and can the mount (uni) be easily adapted for the pro. I originally went with the standard because i'm using a Tahoe and wanted the lighter weight. Anybody use the pro 7.5 on a light duty chevy?
(No comments on junky chevys please, been reading them since Jan 00)


i also have the standard plow w/ no problems under heavy commercial plowing......? the best of my knowledge the ONLY difference between the two is the shock and an extra spring and possibly a thicker cutting edge maybe someone knows more but i think that there is not much difference
Don't worry about your Tahoe MOE. Locally, there are two with 7.5 foot Boss vees - no problems other than the sag that can't be adjusted with the fixed-position torsion bars on the Tahoe. I'm told its like plowing in a Cadillac.

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I have a full size Blazer that is the same as a Tahoe except it only has 2 doors. I was able to have Timbrens installed to deal with sag problems. Not as educated as many here about trucks so I'm not sure if I have the fixed position torsion bars that Deere mentions. I switched to a C-8 Meyer plow which I would imagine is as heavy as, or more than a Western Pro & the truck has handled it well, even with Pro-wings. And yes, its like plowing with a Cadillac. I always do everything I can to stay out of the other trucks now that I've been so spoiled.

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I'm looking at a current Western brochure, in looking at the pictures I don't believe there is any difference in the A-frame & quadrant between the Standard & Pro plows. Looks like what Obryan says: 3 (vs 2) trip springs, shock absorber and extra ribs on the back of the blade on the Pro. As well the Pro blade is 1-1/2" taller than the Standard.

Weight is listed at 590# for the standard vs 695# for the 7.5' Pro so I don't think the extra weight will be a problem for your Tahoe.

No "slamming" or "bashing" intended here: Just wondering how the parts got bent. Plows weren't designed to take much in the way of twisting or off-center loading. As well, stacking is hard on them too. (A friend of mine brought me his older Western A-frame in 2 pieces this winter after destroying it. He'd been doing a lot of stacking after widening his driveway - chipping away at the banks with the very end of the blade. He caught the high corner of his raised blade on a frozen bank which was what finally killed it)

In any event, better the A-frame than the Tahoe frame!

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75 your right on. One frame got bent trying to widen a lot by scraping the edge with the end of the blade. Must have been too much uneven stress on the corner. The other one I'm not sure, mabey from pushing snow over the curb to make room for the next storm. This truck doesn't have the hight to clear the curb with the frame. I wish I had my old 88 2500 suburban, that old rustbucket could handle anything I could throw at it. It takes getting used to the newer lighter truck.
I think the other day someone said it right- When you try to do a tractor's work with a truck, stuff is bound to happen.


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