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Pro plus angle piston leaking fluid

Discussion in 'Western Plows Discussion' started by Shade Tree NJ, Jan 31, 2012.

  1. Shade Tree NJ

    Shade Tree NJ Senior Member
    Messages: 202

    My passenger side angle piston is leaking right where the chrome part comes in and out, I know bad descriptions. Will post pics tomorrow just curious if I need to but a whole new angle piston or if there is possibly just a bad seal on it.
    Thanks in advance
  2. festerw

    festerw Senior Member
    Messages: 986

    If the ram itself isn't pitted or have the chrome coming off you should be able to put a new packing in it.
  3. Shade Tree NJ

    Shade Tree NJ Senior Member
    Messages: 202

    Has one and I mean literally one tiny rust pit on it, didn't think that one pit would do it. With the pit and leaking fluid have to replace entire angle piston then correct? Very min amount of fluid coming out so hoping it holds out
  4. 03sd

    03sd Member
    Messages: 79

    I wouldn't replace the whole thing like festerw said the packing can be replaced they can be rebuilt.
  5. Tony350

    Tony350 Senior Member
    Messages: 546

    On the pro pluses if you put a new seal on the ram make sure you pull the piston all the way out and slide the seal from the back side. If you slide it over the front side the seal will tear, this is because of the hole that pins the ram to the quadrant. I was told this by a western dealer, I took his word for it didn't want to buy a new seal. The seal kit is only about 8 bucks.

    Another thing to check when you take the ram out is roll the chrome part on flat surface and see if it is bent. The dealer also told me this is a common problem with the pro pluses. Mine turned out to be the seal, shortly after that the other side started leaking.