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Pro‐Tech Launches New Savik® Brand

Discussion in 'Questions, Rules, Suggestions' started by Michael J. Donovan, Jun 23, 2013.

  1. Michael J. Donovan

    Michael J. Donovan Head Moderator, Online Communities Staff Member
    Messages: 1,269

    Introduces Savik ERG​

    Pro‐Tech Manufacturing and Distribution, Inc. has introduced its newest product offering, the Savik ERG, the first model of new, elite‐level
    containment and multi‐use plows under the Savik brand name.

    The Savik brand will encompass new, elite‐level containment and multi‐use plows featuring industry‐first sensor technology, component optimization, and mass customization to provide snow and ice professionals the ultimate in flexibility, efficiency, productivity and results. The Savik brand is committed to offering innovative, forward thinking products to industry leaders by leveraging research, industry partnerships and customer insights.

    The ERG model has a steel‐edge, featuring 2 ft dual‐edge cutting sections, which enable surface outcomes, operator productivity and product durability at levels never before seen. Each ERG model is customized per order and is offered in lengths from 8 to 16 ft, the prime mover it will be paired with will determine connection type, poly hinge and coupler type – among other

    The Savik ERG will have available a plow sensor that will, for the first time, allow the operator to get real‐time feedback and guidance on cutting edge down pressure and plow position. This will enable any operator to perform like a pro, increasing efficiency and scraping consistency while eliminating unnecessary wear to the plow and the plowed surface.

    Each 2 ft. dual‐edge cutting section trips individually with a unique flexible, poly hinge – eliminating many of the moving parts in traditional, less durable spring loaded trip edges.

    The Savik brand is also introducing a new connection type, called a binding bucket clamp. The new connection eliminates chains, clevises and loose ratchet binders and provides a non‐sliding environment between the bucket and plow. The connection can be easily interchanged with other connection types thanks to the Savik’s unique flexible poly coupler. The coupler allows
    the chassis to conform to larger surface irregularities, provides additional movement when encountering obstructions and eliminates vibration back to the cab.

    The common, robust chassis is low profile allowing it used with any prime mover. It is designed using a slot and tab construction for superior strength. The side plates are bolt‐on for easy replacement or removal for side discharge. They incorporate moldboard supports directly through the side plate for the greatest strength. The wear shoes are mounted behind the
    cutting edge and are inboard of the side plates so they will not interfere with the surface outcome or cause curb damage. The pin‐on design requires no tools for replacement.

    “The Savik ERG is the latest achievement in our mission to deliver meaningful contributions to the snow and ice industry,” said Craig Geller, president of Pro‐Tech. “This innovation driven product, with its cutting edge and sensor technology combination will offer surface outcomes and salt reduction at elite levels.”

    About Pro‐Tech Manufacturing & Distribution, Inc.
    Pro‐Tech Manufacturing & Distribution, Inc. offers robust product lines consisting of containment and multi‐use plows to help its customers address multiple surface conditions and applications with confidence and efficiency. We are committed to innovation, being knowledge driven and the advancement of the snow and ice industry. For more information, contact Pro-Tech Manufacturing and Distribution, Inc., 711 West Avenue, Rochester, NY 14611, call 888‐787‐4766, e‐mail sales@protechcorp.com, or visit www.protechcorp.com and www.savikusa.com.