Pricing Salting Services?

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Okay how do you guys charge for salting? Say you have a lot that you plow and it's $50 (just for plowing. How much would you charge to just salt that lot? How about salt and plow how much would that be. Thanks

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Around here the trend is to price salting on smaller lots like that at the same rate as plowing. And if you plow and salt in one trip it's the same charge as if you made two trips, in this case 50 to plow and 50 to salt


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I'm new, but I have usually offered salting at approx. 75% of my plowing charge.


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Last year I had two different people plowing and sanding my driveway. Same charge for sanding as plowing. Had the option of the one person doing both and overall cost would have been the same. This year I'll be doing both.



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I do a parking lot plowing it for $150 and sand/salt for $90I know the guy that i beat on this job was same for plowing but wanted $100 .
The one hotel I have that required salting wanted it priced per pound. I charge them .30 a pound paying $3.25 per 50 lb. bag. Starting to wonder if thats too much though they don't seem to mind. Started calling the other other day and sold a couple other customers on it. Already went through half a pallet and trying to be conservative with only two events, though this last one was rather large. Thinking about going to magic if I can find a local dealer and justify the cost.


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I'm new, but .30 seems a little high to me. If I priced mine by the lb. I would be about 1/2 as you ($12/80lb bag). Maybe I'm too low??

I think it also depends on whether you're buying bulk or bagged. I know we can purchase a pallet (30 - 80lb bags) for $120 +tax, and we can purchase the same amount of bulk for $39 +tax.


There is no set formula. I have two $50 to plow lots, and the salt prices are very different. The first is a very small lot, and very tricky to plow. It is however, very easy to salt. The second lot is a wide open rectangle, with very no obstacles. Plowing is very easy. The second lot has a higher price for salt, because it takes a good bit more than the first.

I do not discount for plowing and salting in the same trip. I lost a job this season because of this.

RB- Who is selling salt in Pittsburgh for $32.50/ton and $120/pallet? The lowest per ton price I can get is $50+
I purchase salt by the bag. I have a Western tailgate spreader and it wouldn't be very efficient to use bulk, not to mention the lack of storage space. I was amazed at how much salt I'm going through. Might lower my prices just due to volume that I'm using. Haven't decided yet.

i charge per trip on salting it is around 80 to 100 % of plowing fee i just went to bulk this year so my margin has exploded and now looking for another bulk salter,if you can swing it go to bulk you will not be disappointed

i also see people charging per pound(.15 is going rate)and often wonder how they really measure a pound out of all that they carry i charged by the bag before and it was 12.00 per 80 pd bag and they would always take the same amount throughout season now my price is the same but my cost is 1/3 of what it was before for material

i contacted 4 or 5 other local plow companies and a few of them agreed to sell me salt it actually helped to network also.

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