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Pricing Question???

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by jvcski, Dec 17, 2007.

  1. jvcski

    jvcski Member
    Messages: 42

    Hey guys I am a fully insured plower and I have a 4700 foot roadway that i have to plow two and a half to three lanes wide. This is an untouched roadway that is being used now for research, which means its temporary and a one time thing. I know that their area already has about 20" of snow sitting there. I was wondering if anyone had an idea on what I should charge for something like this?
  2. LoneCowboy

    LoneCowboy PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,760

    one time only?
    20" of snow?

    You should charge A LOT.
  3. forestfireguy

    forestfireguy PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,276

    3-5 yard loader at 350 per hour!!!!!!!

    MOWBIZZ Senior Member
    Messages: 500


    That's almost a mile...! Paved? Smooth? What are you plowing with??

    With my truck 04 F250 with an 8 ft plow I would charge no less than $500 for a one time plowing...the trouble is getting your first pass cut through...20 inches could be tough with just a 3/4 ton and a straight plow...once you've "broken trail" it should be easier cutting with a third of the plow till you're done...better yet charge $900 and go with two other trucks and take $300 apiece for a couple hour's (+/-) work...By the way, I'm in NH if you need help...!
  5. tman3007

    tman3007 Senior Member
    Messages: 147

    You'll be there longer than you think:dizzy: Like LC said above, better charge A LOT! Just don't screw yourself, if you start in the middle of the road with that much snow you're dead. But I know, I know you weren't asking for advice on how to plow.

    Good luck!
  6. jvcski

    jvcski Member
    Messages: 42

    no guys i totally appreciate all of your input on this issue now i forgot to tell you that it is a old runway that is no longer being used.

    MOWBIZZ Senior Member
    Messages: 500

  8. dirtmandan2

    dirtmandan2 Senior Member
    Messages: 275

    i think i'd be afraid to go in there with anything less than a front end loader... just dont think a pick up will do it!!! at least bring someone along to keep pulling you out...
  9. jvcski

    jvcski Member
    Messages: 42

    Sorry took so long to get back to you. I am plowing with a 2004 F-250 w/8.5 fisher MM2 straight blade.
  10. Mark Witcher

    Mark Witcher Senior Member
    Messages: 605

    If there really is 20 inches of snow you better just say no thanks.
  11. nicksplowing

    nicksplowing PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,226

    new hampshir sees some pretty powdery snow i think ? are you plowing the rest of the winter or just this one time ? if its just one time gig 500 sounds about right and if its the entire winter gig i would get a 3 inch trigger with 3 inch increments at 300 a pop NO SALT! thats extra good luck
  12. jvcski

    jvcski Member
    Messages: 42

    This is a one time thing for some research only lasting a week.
  13. nicksplowing

    nicksplowing PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,226

    $500 It Is Then Good Luck:waving:payup

    MOWBIZZ Senior Member
    Messages: 500


    I have an 04 F250 with an 8 ft SnoWay Straight blade...! Small world...!

    Lemme know if ya need help...more snow on the way tomorrow into Thursday!! By the way...let us know how the job went please!!
  15. if it were me i would defiantly charge a lot like everyone else said and try to get a hold of a v plow and do the job with that