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Pricing parking lots?

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One of my larger contracts for mowing called me in the middle of the storm,

Seems his plow trucks all died(all were beaters).

He asked me to come down and do some plowing around his loading docks and the front of the building near the main entrance.

I went down and spent 1 1/2 hrs there and didn't hardly even put a dent in it.

How much would you guy's charge per hr to clean up after this storm?

I told him $75 + tax per truck per hour and he didn't even flinch.

I measured and the snow is over 16" deep but it has settled since the other day.
I think he would be better off if he rented a loader or something with a bigger blade.

He does have his own backhoe but it doesn't have a blade on it just the bucket.

This is just one of three lots and it holds 150-200 cars and the others hold almost as many.
This Guy has money(it's one of the biggest banquet places upstate)

But if the moneys right I'd spend the day down there with my trucks.


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Your numbers are a little low (generally speaking), from what I've seen on this forum.

You've quoted him a price. The honest thing to do is to honor that price and do the job.

Just don't beat up your truck(s) in the process. Trucks only move that much snow so far. Then a loader is required equipment.....
I wouldn't try and plow 16 inch with a plow truck. Get a unloader in there and move it. Probably will need to have some snow hauled away also...I would think. I would charge $200-$300 an hour for that.

I am from the Midwest (iowa) and noticed you quoted tax on snow removal. Here in Iowa there is no sales tax on snow removal. Was wondering about that since I know in the midwest there is no sales tax on snow removal, but was wondering if its diffrent back east?
This sound s pretty good to me. If you quoted $75 an hour honor. As said before don't beat your equip. do it right and et some of that cash. Offer whatever service its gonna take and thats within your grasp to get this guy going. You can rent larger equip if you have to, you can sub hauling if you have to, you can for days if you have to, all at $xxx an hour or per service. Push that snow its what your there for.
Thanks guys,

I don't know of too many people around here who'd pay those high rates you guys get. : )

The going rates around here seem to run lower than what you're getting. : (

Large Excavator goes for $100.00 an Hr with operator
& a 100' crane with 2 guys is $125.00 per hr(my bro-in law has a tree service)
I've never had to rent a loader though, but it shouldn't be that much more then a excavator you'd think.

If he wants me to do it I'll just push it as far as I can & tell him to use his backhoe to move the piles.

Hauling it away isn't an issue, he owns over 40 acres of lawn that it can be dumped on and he also has a small dump truck.

Thanks again,
D.G. Enterprises
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