pricing guide ?

J Berry

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I am just starting out this season hopefully
pick up 5-6 accounts. Looking to do just some private driveways. I just bought a 92 f150 351 5.8l with a 7.5
fisher it has not been used a lot the plow was put on in 95
I was looking for any info on how much to charge
per storm, or based on amount of snow fall?
How to bill per storm or per month?
And any maintance tips or things to do or not to do
I live in central New Hampshire and snow falls can widely
vary from year to year.

Thanx for any info


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Try reading back through some of the past threads. There is a lot of discussion on getting new accounts, how to charge, etc. Good luck on getting the business; there are an abundance of people that are either too busy or too lazy to plow their own drives. You shouldn't have any problem getting 5-6 accounts providing you give prompt and quality service. It seems like you should be able to get at least $30+ per driveway, depending on the length, amount of snowfall, etc. Hope this helps.

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