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Hi there, I am new to plowing for my self. I have just baught a 92 F250 4x4 diesel with a 7.5 meyer plow. 1st is this a good plow? I have been told that meyer plows are not the "best" but not the worst.
2end The farm I work for wants me to plow snow for them. they said they will give me fuel and $30 an hour to plow. I do not have insurance for plowing. but they said I will be covered under them. How much am I worth - I have plowed snow a good bit. but I am not a pro. Please tell me what I should be making. is $30 a fair price or should I demad more? I will be plowing a large hospital. and a few naborhoods. with other trucks. Thanks everyone for you help.
Please let me know if I am missing any variables to fill you in on for my pricing.

Thanks Hugh


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Welcome to the forum!

Is it a Meyer C-7.5 or a ST-7.5 (Big quadrant or small?)

Your hourly rate will depend on the average number of average hours plowed per winter. i.e. The less you plow, the higher your houly rate should be and vice-versa.

How many average events and number of inches do you get?

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Aw man, someone finally filled out their profile correctly and John starts grilling him anyway ;) He's 45 minutes south of Philly so my guess would be rates would be a little higher than $30.00\hour based on having some experience plowing. Try talking to other plow contractors in your area to find out what the general going rates are.


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Great leaders are generally not in tune with technical details.

Anyway, Big diesel, I'd think you may be a little low - even if they're buying your fuel.

Make it a Win-Win: Put snow-wings on that 7.5' plow and tell them you gotta make $40.00. They'll get 30% more productivity out of you can you'll make 30% more.

(They still win, the productivity increase is on a bigger gross than your pay increase.)

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Your not too far from me. I can smell the mushroom houses through the computer!! You should be getting at least $50-$55/hr as a sub. But, I would suggest that you go on your own. Chester county is big money down there. Just go around to those rich big drives with flyers and see what you get. I usually gross over $100/hr any given storm. Subbing is sometimes a sore subject with me. Yes you can make decent steady money at $50/hr and the area is usually a big parking lot. But when you break down, they will just get another guy. Leaving you down and out. Start slow and never take on more than you can chew.

You may want to think about upgrading your plow itself, not the pump and mount. A New Meyer C-8 Blade = $500.00 A C-8 A-Frame and Sector = $400.00 Two Angle cylinders with hoses and couplers $200.00 TOTAL $1100.00 This will hook right up to your present truck mount and is wider and 100% stronger. You can then keep your 7.5 for a spare? or sell it for like $500.00. Note: If you plow the Malls...Exton or KoPrussia you will need a rubber cutting edge. They will not let you drop your plow with a steel edge.

Good Luck


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Hey guys thanks for the reply!

I will see if I can get them up to $40.00 an hour - If I am to high they will just put me in one of there plows I think my plow is the heavy duty type it has 3 springs and more ribs then the others. I will look into putting pro wings on my blade. I have plowed snow for my farm many other times with Large 4x4's(380 horse power) with 13-14 blades on them. my plow came with my truck which I got a good deal on. I Just painted it and put a snow deflector on it. I do not have much time to do my own snow plowing becaue the farm I work for has so many other contracts. Hospital's roads, developments and large parking lots. I have not invested a much money in my plow. but I think I should be able to get $40.00 an hour for plowing. Please Keep the replys coming!!! I need all the info I can get.

THanks again Hugh Lofting

(45 min south of philly in Kennett Square)

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So let me get this right. You are currently employed by this farm for $XX.XX per hour doing whatever. They want you to use your truck to make them money. So they offer you $30.00 per hour which seems like a lot of money over which you are making now. But you still think its not enough money. You are right. Tell them that you will use their equipment at your reg $XX.XX per hour. You will be better off. If YOUR plow breaks, are they going to fix it? It sounds as if you like your job here at the farm...right? If they are in need of plow trucks and drivers, quote them $40.00 per hour with free fuel. Its not as much as you could make elsewhere, but you get to keep your job and your boss happy. And your right, you don't have insurance for plowing. You don't really have any insurance. If your auto insurance company finds out that you are plowing snow for your boss, its likely that you would not be covered if you got in an accident en route to the plow job. Be cautious.

Also you have a ST-90 Meyer. You have 3 trip springs. They're fine for personal plowing, but for commercial use, they're a little weak in certain areas. If you ever see a Meyer with 4 trip springs, give it a look over. You will be surprised at how much heavier they are built than yours. They are the C or Commercial series. Every piece of metal on a C series is thicker guage than on an ST series.

Good Luck,
and happy plowing!

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. You don't really have any insurance. If your auto insurance company finds out that you are plowing snow for your boss, its likely that you would not be covered if you got in an accident en route to the plow job. Be cautious.

--- Dixie1

Yes you Need insurance.


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