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pricing condos (first time)

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by terraventure, Sep 21, 2004.

  1. terraventure

    terraventure Member
    Messages: 52

    I am new to commercial bidding. I have been plowing fo years but only my onwon property and smal driveways. I have been asked to bid on some small condos that currently do lawn maintenance on. I have a 2004 F550 diesel auto with a 9' x-blade. I am planning on buying the plow wings to bring the width to 11'. The complex is comprised of a 1500' road that would take 3 passes to clear and three parking lots
    parking 1 - 50 x 75
    parking 2 - 120 x 90
    parking 3 - 260 x 30
    29 driveways 12 x 25
    there will be cars scattered everywhere even during the day. I would start with a 2" trigger and go about every 4" to a max of 10". anything over 10 would be by the hour. I a ma figuring about $600 per storm. Does this sound like a lot or a little.

    Any info would be greatly appreciated