Pricing '21-'22 Season


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Yes, 100% prepay for resi's. I have a couple small commercial on 100% prepay. Some are on 2 payments.
I like 100% prepay.
For those doing per-push, you might want to try a CRM app that lets you keep cards on file and charge them after service. If they want per-push flexibility, they should concede to adding their card info on file to make things more convenient for you. It takes 1min to do it, the office can't see the full card number on our end, and they can take the info down at the end of the season.


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Pricing went up for commercial accounts but for seasonal residential it's a different story due to last year's pathetic snowfall. There were some drives we cleared only 6-7 times where normally it's around 25 times. Before I even sent contracts out I was getting requests for reduction in seasonal pricing. Definitely not reducing our pricing but raising it will send many of them looking for another contractor. Many of these customers were new to our service last year and new to seasonal pricing. They were not excited to write that last check after not needing their drive done for several weeks and no snow on the ground.
Tell them to go per time this winter!!!


No snow on the forecast the next 30 days. Right now (1 seasonal + 3 monthly) total 4 clients. ( usually, i book between 40 - 50 residential account by the end of october)

Looking PITTY this year or will be a late start in November with last minutes booking. Last year we been out 2 to 3 times per month only for Dust barely lol, i think LOTS of client will hold off last minutes this year.


Ress all sessional, with a cap.

two payments
Nov1st & Jan 1st.
no shoveling.
a deicer is available ala cart.

send out invoices:laugh:
Just a reminder that the Jan 1st
Payment is due in 2weeks or survive will stop.
So you make a seasonal deal on 2 payment? I like that idea. And January is Cold with snow so you sure they will pay LOL.

With my monthly clients, March - April is always a guessing game with the weather network.

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